Borneo – 12022-6

Hello from the beautiful city of Singapore!  The team spent the day touring the city and shopping in Little India.  It was quite fascinating and the kids loved experiencing the Indian culture.  We had lunch at Singapore’s “first themed restaurant, “The Jungle Room” and we all enjoyed earing Indian food although some were more brave than others.  This evening, we went to see the Singapore Flyer, which is taller than the London Eye!  Tomorrow, we plan to tour China Town and enjoy some lunch there.   We fly back to the States tomorrow.  Although we have had an amazing time seeing the sights here, we are all tired and ready to be on American soil again.  I think we will all sleep most of the 20 hour flight back to New York City.   Parents, you can expect a phone call from your team member on Wed. morning when we arrive in New York.  See you all very soon!!!


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  1. Sounds fantastic! Hope you all have a fun time in Singapore and an uneventful flight home!

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