Peru – 12024 —3

It is crazy to think that Tuesday morning, we will be on our first
flight back to Lima and then on to Miami.  Our plans for what we
wanted to accomplish these past couple of days changed.  We had
originally planned on laying the bricks above the header but because
of the time needed for the header to become strong enough to support
the weight, we decided that our time would be best spent working on
the floor. In 2 days, they mixed and poured over 700 square feet of
concrete on the church floor!  We also hung 12 light fixtures along
with 4 different outlets throughout the church.  For today we are
cleaning-up the project site and packing. We want to leave everything
better than we found it. We would also like to clean out the church so
it will be ready for the services they are having this week.

Saturday afternoon the team got another ½ day of site seeing. We took
them to Central Pucallpa (the city-kind of like a downtown area).
There they were able to do more shopping for souvenirs and many of
them got to purchase hammocks!

Sunday evening was an extremely special time for the team.  El Shaddai
Church put on a special service for us. The community and the members
of the church came to show their appreciation and love for the work
that was completed on the church and just to say thank-you for coming
to Peru. Each team member was individually called up to the stage. A
member of the church bought each team member a gift and there on stage
they were presented with the gift and individually thanked for the
work they accomplished.  It was a very unexpected gesture and the team
realized how much the members of the church and community love them
and how much they have affected their lives.

As I think back on all God has done and how he has blessed us, I am
humbled. He has remained faithful and has changed the hearts of the
team members. Some feel lead to join BMW. Some already know what team
they are going on next summer and some are waiting patiently for God
to reveal their calling. They have grown in their relationships with
the Lord, learned to be content in all circumstances, experienced
another culture, learned some Spanish and made everlasting
friendships. Once again, thank you for entrusting Josiah, Tony and I
with your children this summer.  They have been wonderful!


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  1. We are so happy that our daughter Jessica, as well as her good friend Ashley were able to be apart of the Peru Team this summer. It has been exciting to see the church building become a usable place to worship and proclaim the message of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We know that their lives have been changed forever, and we are glad that they could go and serve others this summer. May God do mighty things in Pucallpa, Peru. Our prayers are with you.

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