Trinidad – 12031-b

Greetings from the sunny island of Trinidad! So hard to believe we will be leaving this beautiful island in just a few days. So much has happened during these past few weeks, not only in the building of the church but also in the lives of everyone who has been involved. The team finally had an opportunity to do evangelism. On Friday half the team went door to door doing evangelism and inviting people in the village to a presentation on Saturday evening. On Saturday the groups switched places and continued working on the project and doing door to door. The group that worked on Saturday cleaned the worksite and stacked all the block and equipment to be stored until another group can come and continue the work. As the work came to a close the team gathered in the field and prayed and thanked God for all the work He has done on the project, how He had provided for the team, and that He would continue to bless the Samaroo family. The presentation on Saturday evening went very well. The team shared with puppets, drama, testimonies, and songs. At the end of the presentation three people prayed to accept Christ PLT!
Sunday morning leader Ryan Fast preached the word and at the end of the service the church prayed for our team. We also saw six people come to Christ or rededicate their lives PTL! This evening the church had a huge potluck dinner for the team. We all enjoyed hours of food and fellowship, we are all excited to return home and see friends and family but it’s hard to say goodbye to all of our new friends.
Tomorrow the team is very excited to go into Port of Spain for some souvenir shopping and after that a two hour boat tour of the Caroni bird sanctuary. We are looking forward to spending more time with the church members in these last few days. Tuesday we will be packing up our things and cleaning the church because we are leaving for the airport bright and early Wednesday morning

Just a word from each of us summing up our summer

Adam Cassel – Best Teen Missions Trip I’ve been on
Juliette King – I’m happy because I’ve grown closer to God this summer
Lydia Stuver – This trip has been life changing
Alexis Leonard – its changed for the better
Chelsea Crotser – If I could sum this up with one phrase it would be ” take another grip and don’t let go”
Lia Crumpton – I learned how to share my personal testimony
Irina Peters – everybody goes through things for a reason and Ryan is weird
Sarah Peterson – I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend this fantabulious Christ filled summer with
Christian Schrader – this trip has been a great experience I have grown a lot because of it.
James Sanders – I can’t wait to go home and yet I don’t want to leave. These people here are AMAZING!
Lila Touchstone – I love the Lord and I’m learning what He wants me to do with my life.
Darian Moore – I couldn’t have asked for better leaders and this is an unforgettable experience for me
Isaac Walsman – I love this experience so much I can’t wait to sign up for 2013
Haley Ballard – different/challenging
Christiana Panell – it’s been incredible the atmosphere, the church, the food, the people. I’m going to miss it
Rhonda Rogers – this has been a fantastic experience and I will miss the Trinis
Morgan Mitchell – great summer, God really worked in our team this year and I’m excited to tell everyone about it
Eli Oxendale – I have never been to a more spiritually alive church, it has been Amazing
Abby Wahl – I had a great summer and loved Trinidad gonna miss everyone so much
Ashlynn Edwards – the Trinis were really nice and the food was really good
Colton Wheeler – LIFE…changing
Chris Manning – The food was amazing, so was the church and the people were very friendly. I had a great time
Ryan Fast – I am absolutely amazed how much change I have seen in the lives of the teenagers of this team in so short a time
Kieley Deegan – I love the Lord so much and I’ve grown so much
Sharon Deegan- One of the most amazing summers yet. Privileged to have this opportunity to serve your kids this summer. Praise the Lord for His mighty works!
Amanda Evans- This has been the greatest summer ever!
Sean Deegan – Its always a privilege to be a part of a Teen Missions team and see how God works in the lives of the teenagers. God truly blessed me by allowing me to be a part of the work here in Trinidad this summer.



  1. Thanks MOM!!!!!!!! love you guys!!! 🙂

  2. SO very glad that everyone had a great experience! You will remember this the rest of your lives! We love you Haley and and wait to see you and hear all your stories! See you Sunday honey!

  3. Welcome back to the states Trinidad team. We are proud of what you have accomplished!

  4. angela (Isaacs aunt)

    Good Job kiddos!We are so proud of ya’ll.Cant wait to see you Isaac.We miss you.We’ve been praying for your group. 🙂

  5. Isaac-I knew you would say that! I’ve had a feeling you were probably planning your next summer trip with Teen Missions 🙂 You are a boy created and built for adventure! We are all looking forward to picking you up on Sunday-can you believe you start school on Monday???!!! Love you! Mom

  6. Praise God for his great Love and meeting the needs of the Trinidad Team. Blessings to all! See you soon, Darian. Love, Grandma

  7. Gracemarie Peters

    Thanks for the notes from everyone! Haven’t received any mail from Trinidad. Praying for safe travels tomorrow! Can’t wait to see Irina!

  8. Again Trinidad Team you have brought tears to my eyes. I am jumping out of my skin to hear everything about your adventure. We are praying for a peaceful and safe travel home.
    Love you D-

  9. Pat & Randy Crumpton

    So glad to hear that much was accomplished. There are probably many other things happening in individual’s lives that you will never no. God is so good and is at work all the time. You have been privileged to be part of His plan. Looking forward to seeing you, Lia, and hearing all about your trip.
    Love, Mom and Dad

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