Bland, Bob and Bernie (Fall, 2012)

Dear Friends and Family,

We have just finished a long, hot summer and went immediately into another year. It was a very good year in reaching lost souls for Christ. PTL all the 44 teams arrived back safely and shared wonderful stories of how the Lord worked in their life. This is what’s happening in Bland-land now.


Bernie and I travelled to Chillicothe for services and attended the State Council of The Christian Union. I was asked to speak twice and to meet with the General Council Mission Board on a possible project with Teen Missions. They pledged to furnish an MSSM Sunday School including the purchase of a motorcycle and equipment and to pay the $79 a month to sponsor the Sunday School.


We drove to Ohio after Boot Camp and spent four days at Stoutsville Camp meeting speaking and sharing about TMI, AIDS Orphans and Motorcycle Sunday School. Richard and Gina Barber are now running the Camp, which has a rich history and has operated continually for 115 years. It was a revival to me personally to be there with this wonderful group of people. Not only because of the reunion with Richard and Gina, who are former staffers, but also the speaker following me for the next four days was Cowboy Lee Homoki and his wife Darlene. I went to Bible School with both of them and, while we were at Bible School, Mok Mok (as he is called by our family) took me into Havasupai Canyon and all over the Navajo Reservations where he grew up. They are anointed evangelists and available for revival meetings for special services. Lee’s number is (616) 822-4822. I highly recommend them.

Praying over a container with 22,000 pounds of supplies going to Malawi

On the following Sunday, we preached at Storms Chapel Christian Union Church in the morning. It is the Bobbs’ (who are staff) home church and was a blessing to be involved in their service. In the evening we spoke at Huntington Chapel Christian Union. Rev. Marlin Kellough who established the church, was one of my YFC club kids. He is a humble and wonderful friend. Danetta Newland, who serves on the board of TMI, attends there as well.

While we were staying with Esther Goldsberry, Bernie’s sister. Esther passed out in the service on Sunday morning (not in the church where I was speaking). She spent a couple of days in the hospital having tests done, but all proved negative. We were concerned about her being alone until we knew she would be alright. So we cancelled our flights to Oklahoma and Arizona and the services in those states to help Esther as she was the one responsible to handle their sister Alice’s affairs following her death. A number of problems occurred at TMI so, after about 10 days, we drove back to Florida to be at the TMI base.

On Sunday, Bob Salisbury, my niece Patty Ann Bland’s husband, went to be with the Lord. I flew to Detroit and had a part in the funeral service. We did get acquainted with Patty Ann’s four grown children, some who live on the west coast. It was a blessing to have a little time with them. Bernie did not go as she was not feeling well and has been sick for several weeks. The doctors are not sure what the problem is, but tests have ruled out heart problems and blood pressure problems which was a relief. She seems better now.

TMI is up and running in full force with most of our staff back from overseas and the Florida Bible school is running with 25 students. Malawi has 83 in their four schools, each operating in a different language. There are 24 Bible Schools in all.

This fall has been a very busy time trying to get caught up from the summer. We are not there yet, but I can see the top of my desk now!

Sending a container off to Malawi


Coming in October and November:

Oct. 1 – TMI Board Meeting

Oct. 14-19 – Take down Tabernacles in Canada, Orangeburg, SC, and Hudson, WI. Move one to Columbus, OH and one to Florida. Will park the third in Wisconsin.

Oct. 13-17 – Blands at Mission Conference at First Prebyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Oct. 22-25 – Youth Evangelism Association Conference at Teen Missions

Nov. 1 –  AIDS Orphans Benefit Concert at Faith Center in Miami.

Nov. 1-4 –   Team Leader Seminar

Nov. 5-8 – First Step—TMI Staff orientation

Nov. 16 – Cathy and Randy come for Thanksgiving vacation. Catherine Noel and boyfriend, Bryan, will come just before Thanksgiving. We plan to have the whole family together, Lord willing, for Thanksgiving. Praise the Lord!

Bernie recently had cataracts taken off both eyes. Please pray for complete healing and for good health for both of us.

Thank you for your continued prayers and finances for us. We appreciate each one of you.

In Christ,

Bob and Bernie



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