McCracken, Samuel (Fall 2012)

Muli Bwanji? Greetings from Malawi, the “warm heart” of Africa. Living in Malawi has been a wonderful adventure these past three months. I have great things to report of what God has done! First of all, God has blessed my relationship my girlfriend, Redika, a wonderful missionary from Indonesia who has been serving in Malawi for almost three years. We met when I was helping to lead a 2010 Preteen team of Americans and Canadians in to Malawi. We have enjoyed a great long-distance friendship and relationship for the past two years and we are now engaged!

Me and Redika

Praise be to the Lord for His goodness and kindness to me for bringing me such a wonderful lady. We plan to be married sometime next year in Jakarta, Indonesia. As of now, we do not know where we will be serving after that, but it will be with Teen Missions for the foreseeable future. We both feel called to serve at an overseas TMI base.

This summer I helped at our Lord’s Boot Camp in Florida where over 700 teenagers and preteens were trained for missions work through construction and evangelism classes and went to many countries around the world to do for ministries and to share the love of Jesus. I also helped lead a team of 7-9 year olds to continue building a sidewalk around our covered wagons that we stayed in. It was a lot of fun and they all grew in their relationship with Jesus. We also went to a nursing home to share the love of Jesus to the people there through puppets, singing, the Wordless Book, and the colored Gospel bracelets. They did an excellent job and the people were very blessed and encouraged.

Preteens building the fence.

This summer I also helped lead another team of preteens back to Malawi, Africa, and then stayed two extra months serving at the Chipoka base. Our project was to plant a garden at the Melisa Foster Memorial Orphan Rescue Unit and to build an 80’ fence around it. This fence will keep the produce safe from villagers, goats and cattle who in the past often ruined the garden. A Rescue Unit is a place where children and orphans can gather to be taught the Bible, learn how to read, and be shown the love of Jesus. It is a place where they can feel loved and accepted. In the afternoons we ministered to the kids through balloons, singing, puppets, and the Wordless Book and played with them and showered them with the love of Jesus. The kids warmed their way into our hearts and we became very attached to some of them. Our team did an excellent job in ministry and worked very hard on the project. With their diligence and the Lord helping us, we were able to finish the project in time before the youth went home. It was a privilege to work with this great group of kids and to see God

working in their lives and raising them up spiritually. Some of our kids did not want to leave Malawi, but wanted to stay and continue ministering to the children here. We also were blessed to go on an

Preteens doing outreach.

overnight safari with a boat ride, an open jeep ride and a wilderness walk. We saw elephants, crocodiles, hippos, bushbucks, birds, hyenas, and 1,000 year old trees! It was a wonderful experience and helped me to appreciate God’s diverse creation a lot more.

My extra time ministering in Malawi has been an incredible life- changing experience. I have been blessed to have experienced many different things and been able to minister to many different people and bless them with God’s love and also encourage them. I was able to help some with our Malawian Boot Camp where several hundred teenagers and preteens lives were radically changed for Jesus who went to different cities and villages doing some construction of a church, preaching the Gospel, and sports outreach. Over 200 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior (some of them being Muslims) through their outreaches.

On Sundays, after church, Redika and I go over to our friends’ house and have some good fellowship and great Malawian cooking! The whole family were Muslims but now are new believers. We read the Bible together, minister to them, and encourage them. I have had the opportunity to attend different churches and also to preach in one! I was also blessed to attend the Saturday VBS ministry with our BiBle, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center students, teaching a lot of kids in one of the nearby villages.

Working in the Malawi office.

Some of the jobs that I have done while here are working in the AIDS Orphans and Street Children ministry as well as the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) ministry, I have been doing things like packing away the many boxes of crayons for outreach, and cutting and preparing the 5,000 activity sheets for the Sunday School outreaches. We have 12 Rescue Units and 33 Sunday Schools. I also had the opportunity to help pack many clothes for our orphans which helps them very much. Besides working in the office, I am also working in the tomato gardens, daily watering the okra gardens, as well as preparing many tomatoes for our BMW students to enjoy. I have lots of new experiences by helping students sell green maize and tomatoes in the market. During our Teen Missions in Malawi Overseas Boot Camp, I was helping them with organizing the tool room and storage room and typing up Boot Camp reports.

All in all, God is so wonderful by giving me this opportunity to bless other people who are in need of spiritual and physical help. I am very grateful to all the people who have been praying for me.


Your prayers have definitely made a difference and I also want to thank all who have given financially making this trip possible. Your gifts are appreciated very much and have benefited a lot of people thus reaping eternal rewards.

In order for it to be possible for me to marry Redika next year in Indonesia, I need to raise a lot of extra financial support. I am in need of more monthly supporters and one-time gifts. I am asking God to provide $12,000 to cover my airfare to Indonesia, airfare for her parents, wedding expenses, the honeymoon, and airfare for both of us from Indonesia to the next country where we will be serving. Your prayers and generous financial gifts are appreciated very much. My goal for raising the funds is early January. I will be visiting San Diego, CA in late December for two weeks to spend time with family, friends, and supporters.

Anticipating His return,

Samuel McCracken

[email protected]


• My engagement with Redika

• Continued great health throughout my stay in Malawi

• For God using me to minister to others in Malawi

Prayer Requests:

• For Redika and I during the months we will be apart

• For more faith for Redika and I regarding our finances

• For more monthly supporters and one time gifts

• For the $ 12,000 needed for airfare and wedding expenses


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