Myers, Anthony and Shawna (Fall 2012)

As I sit to write this update, I can’t believe all that has gone on the past few months so I will try to put it as short as possible!

This spring, Anthony had not been feeling well so he had blood work done and his iron was extremely low. The doctor began doing a number of tests and just before the summer, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. The medication is very expensive ($300 a month), but we know that this isn’t a surprise to the Lord. The doctor supplied Anthony with medication to get us through the summer, for which we are thankful. We appreciate your prayers for strength and healing, and wisdom as we also look for possible alternatives to the medication. It will also involve a change of diet and possibly lifestyle (as much as possible!).

May started a busy summer for us with Anthony traveling with a group of staff and students to the Toronto area to put up one of our Tabernacles at 100 Huntley Street Ministries, now called Crossroads. They were able to stop off at his parents house for supper and a good night’s rest before continuing the rest of the way up. The Tabernacle is up until September 30 and the group will return to take it down in early October. There are also Tabernacles up in Orangeburg, SC, and Hudson, WI.

Kitchen duty

The leaders for Early Boot Camp arrived on June 4th which was the beginning of our summer program. It was exciting for us to have Lynelle, Anthony’s cousin’s daughter go on a team to Zimbabwe this year. She had a great time and grew in the Lord. We had a total of 712 teens and leaders come on summer teams this year. It was exciting to get their reports and hear how the Lord was using them. The teams left for the field after Boot Camp was over July 8th. The following weekend, we had two retreats use our Conference Center. We had a wonderful summer staff of eight left here, so that kept us busy as well as answering phones (24 hours a day), putting reports on the web, cleaning up after Boot Camp and keeping finances going. Teams began returning for Debriefs on July 23 so there was not really any down time.

Anthony was in charge of the Debriefs and taught classes. I looked after the ordering of food and cooking for Debriefs. The largest group was about 260 total with staff. I would never have been able to do it without Jillian as she kept things going when I went over to the office to put reports on the web or do other office things. We appreciate the volunteers who helped too. We are excited to continue to hear the reports of what the Lord did this summer through the teams and in the lives of the teenagers.

Brandon kept busy doing a number of staff lawns this summer while they were on teams. Jessie went to Pennsylvania for three weeks and Darin played with the two other staff kids who were here for the summer. They went on field trips, swam in the pool and did other fun things.

The kids went back to school on August 8th after what felt to them like a very short summer! Brandon is in his senior year this year and plans to do tennis again. Pray for him that the Lord will direct him for his future studies. Jessie is a junior this year and is already involved in the Spanish Club. She will probably get more involved as the year goes on. We now have two “permits” in our family, soon to be full licenses, I’m sure! Darin is totally into football! He is on the Merritt Island Pop Warner Mighty Mites team and has three practices a week plus games on Saturdays. He plays mostly offense which he really enjoys running the football and is making a lot of good friends.

Most of the staff were out of the office for three weeks of deputation/ vacation time, to raise support and have some vacation after a busy summer. We stayed

Fun in the sun on vacation.

home for the first week and did things around the house. I was able to fly to Toronto and attend my niece’s wedding. It was the first time the whole family was together since mom and dad passed away in 2005. It was good to spend time with my sister, Melanie, and niece, Shawna. I saw relatives I haven’t seen in years. My niece, Samantha, and her new husband, Trevor, were able to spend a few days with us before leaving Port Canaveral for a honeymoon cruise.

The next week we headed up to the Outer Banks, NC to spend some time with the Myers side of the family. It was very relaxing being together as we had our own pool, volleyball court and other things to do right at the house. The beach was close also. We were able to take a Dolphin watching cruise, see lighthouses and Jessie went on a 4-wheel drive trip to the northernmost part to see the wild horses. It was fun to see the cousins playing together like they had never been apart. On the way back, we dropped in to see our friends in Turbeville, South Carolina. Brandon and Jessie have made a lot of friends in the youth group there. Anthony has been invited to speak at the annual Turbeville youth

Jessica and wild horses.

retreat again this year in November, so we are all looking forward to spending the weekend with them.

We returned to work on September 11, ready to begin 2013! Actually, we have over 100 registrations for 2013 teams already! Some registrations came during the summer as we had the brochure out in July! There are lots of printing, electric and air conditioning jobs to keep Anthony busy. I am working in the office keeping in contact with the overseas bases.

Before the summer, Brandon and Jessie were involved in helping to start a youth group at our church. There were a number of kids involved from the local high schools. Pray with us that this will be able to start up again as they get back into school and

Brandon just chillin’


We appreciate your continued prayers and encouragement as we serve here. We couldn’t be here without you. We hope to be in PA over Christmas and may make a quick trip to Ontario also. We enjoy hearing from you and pray for you often.

Blessings, Anthony, Shawna, Brandon, Jessica and Darin

Darin suited up and ready.

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