Petersen, Steve and Gay (Fall 2012)

Dear Family and Friends,

We’re going to let you hear our Zambia Team report in the words of our awesome teens and leaders.

Zambia Water Filters Team

The life-changing sights, sounds and events of the past few weeks were frequent and intense. We visited three Orphan Rescue Units in our two weeks in the bush (Mark Overbay in Lufwanyama, William Orr in Luswishi and Redeemer in Mukema). The last two units were the most remote of the 16 units Teen Missions runs in Zambia. We became seasoned bush travelers on our truck (affectionately named Sam-Squatch by the team). Our driver was one of the Zambian TMI staffers, Robert Yoder. With seasoned skill and prayer, he navigated some of the most challenging terrain a vehicle can be asked to cross. Some of the roads we were on are actually impassable for up to five months of the year during the rainy season. Few white faces are seen in the areas we visited, so even in transit we drew a lot of attention with hundreds of smiles and waving hands along the roadside for our outgoing team members on the truck.

We were impressed by the character and courage of the facilitators at each Rescue Unit as they ministered with the joy of the Lord to the overwhelming needs of hundreds each week. Our team was blessed to minister in a variety of ways while in these remote locations. We…

Saying farewell to Mom and Dad.

• Distributed Water Filters to each Rescue Unit

• Donated two filters at each location for needy villages and schools

• Ran clothing distribution for needy families

• Made and distributed nutritious porridge meals to mothers for their babies

• Showed the JESUS FILM in the local Lamba dialect

• Assisted the facilitators in praying for the sick and providing medical help with supplies that we helped to bring to each unit

• Completed some work projects: threshing corn, loading/unloading sand with our truck, and repairing a burnt bridge (besides helping the local villages, we needed that bridge to get back out of the bush!)

• Did open-air presentations at each Unit, in the villages, and at local schools

     • Played and taught games with the orphans and donated soccer balls and boundary cones at each location

• In Mukema some of our team members taught phonics to the primary school students

We saw about 20 decisions for Christ after our showings of the JESUS FILM and an entire primary school student body prayed to receive Christ in Lufwanyama. The Lord knows the true count of souls won, but we know that seeds were planted and that some likely received Jesus for the first time.

(original summary by our assistant leader Cerissa Kimball) Here are a few testimonies from this summer in the words of our team members:

              The time we spent in the bush went by so quickly. Every single one of us had a life-changing time. Even though we were

              covered from head to toe with layers of dirt, even though we had no running water, even though the temperature went

              below freezing at night (editor’s note: once)… I wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world. It was so neat seeing so

              many people come to Christ over the weeks we were in the bush. Seeing people find hope for the first time was priceless.

              We got to show the JESUS Film three times. We did many presentations in villages, churches and schools; plus shared

              with the many hundreds of people who came to the Rescue Unit day after day. People are so eager for Jesus and the hope

              and joy that He so freely gives. They drink dirty water, they have no food or clothes, yet they’re more joyful than most of us

              even though we have SO much more than them. I am excited to get home and see my family and friends again, but a big part

              of my heart will be right here in Africa. — Leslie G.


              My time in Zambia has been such an amazing experience and it makes me so sad that it is coming to an end. The people here

             have really touched my heart, especially one little girl named Linus. She is about seven years old. When she was a little girl

           she was sick in bed when a wild fire came to her village and burned her house down while she was still inside. She lost her

           hand and a big chunk of her head was burnt badly. Three years later, her head wound is still healing. While my friend Rebecca

          and I were standing in line (for lunch), Mr. Steve called us over to pray for this precious little girl. It was wonderful to feel the

          power of God cheer up this girl because shortly after she was smiling. So that story really touched my heart! — Faith B.


Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our family this past summer. It was a VERY special time for all of us to have Mom and Dad as our host missionaries and to see the work up close and to meet the awe inspiring cast of Zambian missionaries who God empowers to do so much good for the kingdom.

I am now teaching Genesis – Leviticus at the Bible School, in addition to the work in the Computer Department. Gay is homeschooling the kids, in addition to planning menus and cooking for the students and retreats. She also handles guest


housing and some office computer jobs from home.


◦ For health and safety over many miles to remote locations

◦ For changed lives and decisions for Christ at Boot Camp and Overseas

◦ For the opportunity to serve alongside Mom and Dad this summer

Prayer Items:

◦ Many spiritual attacks at our bases around the world; pray for wisdom, courage and peace

◦ For strong consistent prayer life… times of worship and study in the Word

◦ That we would be an encouragement to fellow TMI staff and students

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22&20 / Gal. 2:20


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  1. So happy to see the picture of the unit at Lusiwshi. Don’t get to hear a lot from there, but my heart and prayers are always there.

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