Aronson, Emery and Linda (Fall 2012)


May was over and we were getting ready for the summer to begin. Emery got a phone call from his brother that his mom was not doing well. A few days later, his brother-in-law called and told him that his mom had passed away. By this time, it was the beginning of Boot Camp—now what? Emery wanted to go and so did Joseph, but finances were not there for even one to go. Thankfully, we had some people who gave and they were both able to fly to Portland, OR for the services. It was a very hard time to say good-bye, but it was good to be with the sisters, brother and rest of the family as they all remembered the goods times they had with her. Now, mom and dad are together, enjoying heaven and someday we will all be together again.

Emery & Joseph grill burgers for Boot Camp.

When he got back to Florida, Boot Camp was in progress. He was asked if he would be willing to go to Indiana instead of Montana and of course, he agreed. Emery did many different things here at Boot Camp like mowing, grilling hamburgers, and gate security.

He drove the bus for the Indiana Preteen team. The team was housed at Telling The Truth (TTT) ministry. Every day the team was split into different groups and went to different fairs in the area of Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. Emery would drive one group and other people would drive the other groups.

We have had over 700 involved over the summer months.

There were 25 Mustard Seeds this year with 20 adults. This year, we

Mustard Seed Obstacle Course.

had fun learning about animals from the Bible. Snakes, lambs, lions, butterflies and

Bible lesson time.

whales were the stories we used for each of the colors of the Wordless Book.

All the teams come back to Florida for Debrief which is a busy time. I checked in the finances from all the teams. I also has a fun time of running a canteen so the kids could buy snacks like candy and soda. I also was involved in getting all the transportation home information together for the leaders in order to make their jobs easier on “go home” day.

Teen Missions accomplished something new this year…We had the 2013 brochure printed it was delivered in time to be given out for early Boot Camp commissioning!

On the back-hoe.

My job in the Finance Department was a bit more challenging this year since the computers were down for a month. I would do reports on one computer and then put it on a jump drive and print from a different computer. I am thankful that I was able to get everything done despite the computer issues.

There were four Debriefs and Emery returned for the second one. He was called upon to pick up teams for Debriefs from Miami, Orlando and even one from Tampa Airports. After Debrief was over he would bring the teams back to the airport. We can praise the Lord for all the safety in the travels and driving.

Aiden is a growing and is now six month old! He likes watching Ava play—she makes him giggle

Aiden & Ava

at every move she does.

She will be turning three in October. Time flies by so fast and we feel blessed that

Aiden & Grandpa

we can be a part of all the things they do.

My mom is doing well at a local assisted living place. She was able to move in with a better roommate at the beginning of June.





If you want to write her, her address is Phyllis Coon, 4279 Judith Ave. Room 239, Merritt Island, Fl 32953.

Phone number 321- 452-3497

Grandma’s boy.


The Aronsons


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