Chicas, Chico and Kathy (Fall 2012)

“Praise the Lord! God is doing great things!”

Samuel participates in evangelistic dramas.

Each time we visit Oregon, it is such a blessing to spend time with friends and family and share what God is doing in Honduras. This past September was no exception. Besides sharing about the ministry of Teen Missions, we were also able to get some much needed refreshment and renewal as a family. Thank you so much for the many ways you were a part of that blessing!

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to hear us share, we’d like to take a few minutes to recap what God has been doing in

The fence we built around the garden we planted.

Honduras and in our family over the summer months of 2012.

As the doors to the Gospel are quickly closing in many countries (including the U.S.A.), we are blessed to be in a country that is still open. Even though the gangs have a strong influence over much of the country, public schools are one of the places where the gospel is welcome. Can you believe we are actually invited to come and share Jesus Christ at the local high school? The teachers at the schools in San Isidro have noticed the difference in their students when we have been working with them in the past, and have practically begged us not to stop holding the ministries there! One teacher told us, “We don’t invite the churches anymore because they are not practicing what they preach, but we can trust you guys!” Wow, what a testimony – and what a challenge for us to live up to!

The ministry with children and youth is just one part of our work with the Teen Missions Bible School in Honduras. The Bible School students also get practical work experience through the many projects we are doing as we attempt to make the school self-sufficient. Currently, we have beans, coffee, and red hot pepper plants growing on the property. It

Daniel and a new friend.

is a lot of work for four students and four staff, but God’s strength keeps us going. We have already cleaned and dried about 500 lbs of beans, and we are still in the process of transplanting 16,000 little pepper plants to their new homes! The coffee should be ready by next year.

In August, Chico finished his second term at the University in San Pedro Sula where he is studying Theology, so that leaves about a year and a half to go. He was also teaching the Missions and Spiritual Life classes at the Bible School, so he has been busy! I have continued teaching English to national staff and students along with my normal duties as staff and mother.

We cannot close without sharing a little about the amazing opportunity that God gave our son, Daniel, to go to Malawi, Africa this summer! His team of 15 kids, ages 10-13, spent three weeks working on a fence that would keep the animals out of a garden they also planted. Later, this food

Learning a new game from new friends.

will be used to help feed some of the orphans that Teen Missions is ministering to in Malawi. These orphans have lost one or both of their parents to the AIDS epidemic that is sweeping across the continent. What a life-changing experience as, each day after work, the team got to spend time playing with these orphans. Sometimes they shared a Bible story, a drama, or puppets and were able to see six children come to Jesus while they were there! Thank you so

Taking every opportunity to show Christ among the nations.

much to each one who helped Daniel go there financially, as well as to those of you who prayed so faithfully while he was there. God is using you to touch lives all over the world!

Together for His Kingdom,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, and Abigail Chicas

Prayer Requests:

*Please pray that God will bring more students to the Bible School in Honduras

*And please pray that God will provide the funds to hold this year’s Boot Camp in December


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