Monze, Mike and Queen (Fall 2012)

Calvary Greetings to all our friends and to the team members who saw our place when you met us this summer. This letter is from Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Clera (or Queen) Monze. We are serving the Lord with Teen Missions in Luswishi, Lufwanyama, Zambia. We, as facilitators, are doing fine. God is still taking care of us.

In the month of June we received the team, who really contributed to our ministry. This team was taking bucket filters to our

With Steve and Gay Petersen

community and schools. The community and schools really appreciated this help. Thank you for coming.

We would like to tell you about the things that we are doing. I (Mike), as the facilitator, do grinding for the villagers who come with their maize from their fields to make mealie meal for their consumption. My wife also sells things at the kiosk (small store). The community does a lot of shopping there, because there are no stores. Also, both of us teach Sunday School, which is a part of Motorcycle Sunday School Mission. We also teach in the different local churches on Sunday. We help the local community with medication, which has helped many people, because a lot of people were dying in this place. We have a nutrition program for the babies, since a lot of

With Faith Petersen

babies were dying of Kwashkor diseases or malnutrition. Teen Missions is helping us with this program and this is touching many babies. We also do outreach to the community to extend the Kingdom of God, sharing His love toward mankind. We teach sanitation concerning HIV/Aid, so that people can have this information, especially for

couples. Some of these couples have been put on ARV drugs and some we have ministered to through prayer. We have one hundred ninety orphans registered. So there is much work to be done to help them to be able to get into school and stay in school.

Thank you to all the team members who have been to Lufwanyama Luswishi, Zambia, even to those who are willing to come and see what the Lord is doing in Luswishi. We also have seven

Water filters for Zambia.

orphans who are residing at the Unit. These seven have nowhere else to stay right now. The boys are Mwewa, Misape, Renox, Patson and Clive. The girls are Janet Mubanga and Mercy Mufwaya.

We have two children in our family who are staying at the Ndola TMI base, to go to school in Ndola. One is Memory Monze, who is 12 years old and in grade seven. The other is Esther Monze, who is 10 years old and in grade five.

Showing the Jesus film.

Maybe some of you might be willing to support this ministry in regards to finances. We would also welcome any help toward seeing Memory and Esther finish their studies. If so, please send through Teen Missions address, mentioning that this support is for Mike and Queen’s work in Zambia. Hebrews 6:10 says, “Anyone who can take care of the orphans, God is not unjust, he will not forget your work and the love.”

Thank you again for caring for this ministry. God bless you and keep you.

Mike and Queen Monze


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