Tuttle, Brian and Amber (Fall 2012)

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Matchless Name of Jesus! We are so blessed! After an eventful and difficult summer in Haiti, we are more aware than ever before how very much we have to be thankful for. The country of Haiti is a beautiful place to behold, but a very dark

TMI’s 2012 Haiti Team

place spiritually.

We were so thankful for the prayers we know were being lifted on our behalf throughout the summer. Even in the struggles the Lord’s hand was upon us! We flew into Port-Au-Prince with a team of 26 teenagers and four leaders. Upon arrival there was no one there to pick us up and we waited at the aiport for 4 1⁄2 hours. Although this wasn’t a good thing, we saw God’s provision in the opportunity to speak with some of the locals and share with them and Amber was able to pray with a woman who was sick.

We continued to encounter various, unanticipated problems, as well as issues with the work project the team members were supposed to do. After several days of this, and time spent praying that the Lord would direct and provide answers, one of the contractors took Brian to town to buy water. While there, he spotted another white person, which isn’t a common sight, so they struck up a conversation. He was working with YWAM in Haiti. Brian shared with him our situation and he just “happened” to have a friend with another ministry that might need some help. By that evening we were on the phone with Andy Snyder of Project Help Haiti, making plans to move the team to their compound 30 minutes down the road. Thanks to God’s divine appointment, we were able to move the team to a better location with enough work to keep the team busy.

Andy and his wife, Theresa, were such a blessing! We finished out the remainder of our summer completing different projects for them around their base, picking up LOTS of trash and sharing the Gospel through puppets and singing during their children’s outreach program. God is good!

Wes with a new friend.

On the home front, our oldest son, Wes, moved out on his own. Everything is falling into place nicely, except that Mom isn’t handling it very well! We have a new respect for what it was like for our parents when we left the nest. We are very proud of the godly young man Wes has come to be and amazed at how God has worked in his life. We are excited to see how God will use him to bring Glory to His Name!

Seth and Emily are back into the swing of things with school. Seth is working at Dairy Queen and

Emily and her new friend.

enjoying the bliss of finally having his “own money”. We are proud of the stand he takes for Christ among his co-workers and peers, thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit in his heart.

This year was Emily’s first year as a team member and she did great, especially through Boot Camp. She made it over the slough every time! She is now taller than Mom and a beautiful young lady, at almost fourteen. And Mom and Dad are just getting old!!

Seth and…a “friend”?



We have reached the end of our initial three-year commitment to Teen Missions and due to various reasons, we feel the Lord is leading us in another direction. The Lord has so greatly used these years to grow us, stretch us and allow us to serve and we will be forever grateful for our time here. We are entering a new season in our lives and look forward to seeing how the Lord chooses to use us for HIS GLORY!


Thank you so much for your prayers, support and continued friendship! We are so blessed to have you all in our lives! Please

Brian and his “baby” girl – where DID the time go?

know how important you are to us!


Brian, Amber, Wes, Seth and Emily Tuttle

We can receive mail at: P.O. Box 2004 Rogue River, OR. 97537


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