Wald, Christine (Fall 2012)

What an amazing summer in Cambodia!

Our team was blessed to minister in so many ways. Here are some of the highlights. We…

We worked with the 12 Cambodian staff and students at the daily Bible Clubs by teaching phonics, songs and games

Biking to town to do evangelism.

Did one-on-one evangelism with the shopkeepers at the local market

Taught beginner English classes for the Bible School students Taught and played games with the kids in our neighborhood

Participated in door-to-door evangelism in a nearby village where there is no church or Christian influence

Shared testimonies at a prison where 11 came forward to receive Christ

Planted coconut trees for a village church

Helped our neighbors plant a rice paddy that will yield 100 pounds of rice that can be sold for $25.00 USD

Completed some work projects for the upcoming Boot Camp: digging the slough and clearing a trail through the brush for the obstacle course

Riding in the back of the truck.

Here are a few testimonies from our team members about our summer in Cambodia:

Victoria – On Tuesday we went and did evangelism. We had the opportunity to share the Wordless Book with many people. On Wednesday we went to a village with the BMW students, it was about an hour away from Siem Reap. We walked to different houses to invite children and their parents to come and learn English and sing songs. We also played games and shared the true Gospel with about 40 children and their parents. On Friday we, our team and BMW students, went to a prison to share the Gospel with men from about ages 17 to 25. Before going there to share with them through testimonies, music presentation and playing games, we prayed that at least one man would come to know the Lord or at least be interested. After we share, first two men raised their hands and then nine more raised their hands! Praise the Lord. We also worked in a rice field! Our job was to work in the rice paddies and plant rice stalks in the mud and water. It was a ton of fun.

Sharaya Lafortune- From the moment I walked outside the airport, after arriving in Cambodia, I noticed three things…the heat, the surprising amount of tuk-tuks and lastly, I noticed the strange sense of peace I felt. This was odd, considering the amount of stress and anxiety I’d been experiencing even thinking about going to Cambodia. But now that I’m here…my heart is at peace. I am still enjoying my days in Cambodia, doing the different ministries for children in villages and learning new things everyday. Getting to know the Bible School students here has been fun as well, especially when we get to learn songs in their cool language, Khmer.

Elsie Anne- Today was an excellent day of ministry in a village outside Siem Reap. We traveled to a village that had not been

One of the many temples at Angkor Wat.

previously visited and presented the Gospel. We had to walk from house to house informing them of the time and location. I enjoyed being able to greet the people in the beautiful Khmer language. One of my favorite ministries during our time here has been the daily evangelism sessions, during which we cycle to the local market and talk to those trying to sell souvenirs to tourists.

Many thanks to our host missionary, Ahkim. (He graduated from Teen Missions Bible School in Indonesia and has been serving in Cambodia for five years.) Ahkim did a great job setting up ministry opportunities for our team each day in Bible Clubs, local churches, orphanages and in the community. He opened up his schedule to drive us everywhere we needed to go and he made sure we experienced the real Cambodia. In addition to seeing Angkor Wat, we were able to visit a silk farm, went on a boat tour through the floating villages and did some shopping in the famous Siem Reap night market. A highlight for some of the team members was being able to taste fried tarantula, frogs, crickets and baby duck eggs!

2012 TMI Cambodia team with Cambodia staff.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our team over the summer. God kept us all healthy and safe. We saw our team grow spiritually through daily Bible studies, sharing testimonies, teaching in the Bible Clubs and being stretched to share their faith openly during one-on-one evangelism with strangers in the marketplace. It was a great summer!

In August, I was able to go on a trip with my mom. We drove up the East Coast from Florida to New Hampshire covering 1445 miles. We stopped in Maryland, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York and Washington DC. We were able to stop and see so many neat places along the way. We hunted down a few lighthouses on the coast, visited a maple syrup farm, an apple cider mill and a Norman Rockwell museum, went on a tour of the U.S. Mint, had a personalized tour of the Pentagon, and we even got to make our own candles at Yankee Candle. But the best part was that we were blessed to be able to stay and visit with friends and family, many who I haven’t seen in over 10 years. It was good to be able to catch up with them and get to know their kids.

I am now back in the Graphics Department and busy creating staff newsletters, promotional brochures and banners and support raising materials for the team members signed up for next summer. We are getting ready to do our biggest annual mailing of the brochure to over 90,000. Also, Winter Jam is coming soon and this year we are involved in all the cities on both the East and West Coast, so there is quite a bit of printing for me to do. I am also getting ready to teach my semi-annual life-guarding class for the Bible School students.

In Christ,



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