Shrock, Jason and Karen (Fall 2012)

Dear Family and Friends,

Wedding bells are ringing! June and July were months that we won’t quickly forget. In our last letter we had thanked God that both Jennifer and Brent had found someone special. Well…that took on more meaning for us this quarter. June 21st on Jennifer’s birthday her boyfriend took her on safari and proposed. We are now in the plans of a wedding for them here in South Africa March 8th. Just a few weeks later we got a call from our son in the U.S. and Brent informed us that he also has proposed to Alison and they are going to be married May 4th in Bluffton, Indiana. As an aside May 4th happens to be our anniversary, so what a special time to celebrate with them also. Joy and Jolie cannot wait for these wonderful events as they get to be in both weddings.

Jolie with our new 6 year old friend that got new clothes to wear.

May brought us blessings out of trials. We were able to get two solar water heaters (called geysers here) installed. We were somewhat forced into getting them installed a little quicker than what we were ready for. The heater in our house and the students shower area both blew and needed to be replaced. We are now blessed with super HOT water on these sunny South Africa days. We are not even into summer and some mornings the water is so hot it is scalding. We also

Our newly donated solar water heater. It was a job to put this all together.

had the privilege of joining another ministry and going into Baviaanspoort prison to do a men’s conference. It was a blessed time and the students really were amazed at the outpouring of God’s love from the inmates. Many who attended gave their life to Jesus for the first time, and we had over 20 who were baptized at the end. God is doing a mighty work in the lives of those who are living in darkness here in Africa.

We must be doing things for the glory of God. In the beginning of June we found that a Sangoma (witch doctor) had put a curse on us. Karen was coming through the gate and found a little ring box sitting on the gate. When she opened it she found a 20 cent piece with oil inside. The students right away recognized it as a curse box. We threw it out away from the property and prayed over the entrance. This month we were blessed by sweet potatoes the size of soccer balls. I have never seen anything so big. It only took one potato to feed the 16 of us.

Joy playing with the orphans in Kenya

At the end of June, Karen and the girls got the chance to go to Kenya to visit Jennifer. She has visited us several times so it was a real treat for them to fly her way. They arrived just a few days after Symps proposed to her so they were able to spend time basking in the joy of the moment. They made it to the sea and had a wonderful time relaxing, enjoying the cuisine (goat meat!), and going on a walking safari. Some of their most enjoyable moments were playing with the orphans at Feed the Children and Agape Hope Center. On Karen’s Facebook there are pictures and a video of the orphans singing a song that will break your heart. It’s called “All I Want” and is about what is important in an orphan’s life—family.

Joy’s summary of Kenya, “The traffic was hectic, the monkeys were funny in our window and the beach awesomely cool.” Jolie summed the trip up by saying that she wanted to adopt the twin babies, Jacob and Esau, and that when the baby orphan elephants were pushing against her it

Jolie and the baby elephants.

was the “scariest thing in the world!”

In July we helped Mannajtie, a man in a wheelchair, get his ID booklet and disability so that he does not have to spend all his time begging. He now has some electricity in his little shack and is so much more happy. The homeless shelter for the white Afrikaaners where Mannajtie lives has many in need. We are trying to reach out to them and bring the love of Jesus to these people. We also got an emergency call from a family nearby. One of their children found a firecracker and lit it and threw it at the sister. It blew up in her face and we ran her to the hospital. Praise the Lord she is alright as I was concerned she would have eye damage. Through our MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Ministry) we discovered a grandmother in her 70’s raising two little ones, around 4 and 6 years old. She lives in a shack that is smaller than most people’s bathrooms and all they had was a sheet to sleep with. We were able to provide clothes, blankets, shoes and cabbages for her. She was so happy and kept thanking us over and over. So we say much thanks to all of you for making it possible for us to serve the Lord in beautiful South Africa!

Praises – Thanks for praying:

• Karen got a good report from the doctor that her blood sugar and cholesterol levels have dropped.

• We have two new staff – Jackson Bwalya from Zambia and Lilly Rahasivelo from Madagascar.

• Jenn and Brent will both have weddings in 2013

• Jason had the front tire blow on the motorcycle going 50 mph down a mountain and God kept him upright!

Prayer Requests – Join us in praying:

• We need a small, used car to cut down on transport costs to get the girls to school.

• South Africa Boot Camp is December 3 – January 5. Pray for strength for staff and that many lost would find Jesus as their Savior

Jason, Karen, Joy & Jolie

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!”

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