Josiah Frey

Josiah Frey grew up in northeast Pennsylvania. From the age of six he felt the Lord calling him to be a full-time missionary. In November of 1999, Josiah went on his first mission trip to Mexico. The house he stayed in had no running water or electricity. The only source of light was the small candles the host family had. It was a real eye opener to what life as a missionary would be like. Josiah wanted to go back on another trip to Mexico, but the Lord had other plans. Rod and Donna Frey (Josiah’s Parents) had both gone on Teen Missions teams in the early 80s and told Josiah about TMI in August of 2001. Josiah wanted to go on a team the next summer. In 2002, Josiah went on the Preteen team to Germany. It was a wonderful summer and of course he wanted to go back the following summer. However, it would be six years before Josiah went back to the Lord’s Boot Camp. During that time Josiah went to Romania and China on mission trips with different organizations. He also got very involved in his church, but he wanted to go back to Teen Missions. Finally, in 2008, Josiah went on the Teen Missions Siberia Team. It was on that team that God placed it on his heart to go to the Teen Missions Bible, Missionary & Work Training Centre (BMW) in Merritt Island, Florida. In 2009, he led the Ecuador Preteen Team and then came to BMW in September. During his time at BMW, Josiah served in the Personnel Office and led two teams: China 2010 and Cameroon 2011. He began his internship in September 2011 and during that time served in Canada and Uganda.  In April of 2012 Josiah returned to Florida and served in the MSSM office. This past summer he lead the Malawi Preteen Team. Josiah is now serving as full time staff and has been sent to Malawi to serve as acting base coordinator.


Prayer Requests:

– That I would seek the Lord daily and have a hunger for His Word.

– That I would bring glory to Christ with everything I say and do.

– For the work in Malawi.

– For my family as it can be hard to have me away.


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