Typhoon Bopha slams TMI Philippine Base

200 Local Villagers take refuge in Teen Missions’ Main Building

Super Typhoon Bopha has claimed more than 300 lives with over 400 more missing.

Philippines Base—Damaged RoofThe entire southern island on Mindanao has been affected by massive Super Typhoon Bopha claiming hundreds of lives. Entire villages have been wiped out  in addition to the damage to roads, bridges and agriculture. The most powerful storm to hit Mindanao in decades, Bopha packed winds over 100 miles per hour when it first made landfall.

Nearly 200 local villagers escaped their damaged homes to take refuge at Teen Missions main BIBLE MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center building at Malpoc which is located in Northern Mindanao about 25 kilometers east of Butuan City.

Fernando Tan, the base coordinator reports, ” On Tuesday, more than two hundred people including children, came to our property for shelter. They come barefoot with children crying asking for a shelter. We weren’t able to sleep due to our extensive (efforts) for the very old people, widows, children and mothers who needed our help. We gave them hot water, warm clothes, food and shelter. People are very thankful for our help.”

The Teen Missions base suffered extensive roof damage, more than 15 large trees are down (one onto the staff house).  While there were no injuries to TMI personnel, there is a great need now for building materials, chainsaws and manpower. A summer teen team is scheduled to be visiting the Philippines this summer and online registrations can now be made for this relief team.

Donations for supplies can also be made through our main donation page.  Thank you for your prayers and support!



  1. darlene B, from palawan philippines

    Hi I remember when i was a child, i think that was on the 80s.My dad was a pastor in one of the church in Misamis oriental, the TMI teen comes to our place to help us build our church. How do we get help from the TMI to build us a church here in puerto princesa palawan,philippines…DARLENE, PLEASE EMAIL OUR OFFICE ([email protected]).

  2. Wayne & Dolores Mitchell

    Wayne and I were Team Leaders in 1994? We would like more information on the work team
    for Mindanaeo Center. How long will the team be there, what dates, and estimated travel costs……

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