Honduras Teen Trip

Honduras Mission TripExperience the power of sports as a tool for sharing the gospel on this exciting missions trip to Honduras! Of the seven million people living in Honduras, a shocking 49% are under the age of 18! The majority of the population is passionate about soccer–playing or watching games constantly. Many are also living without the love and hope of Jesus Christ in their lives.

After completing Boot Camp, your team will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Caribbean Sea to Panama City, Panama. A connecting flight takes you across Costa Rica and the Comayagua Mountains to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

After arriving you will bus two hours to the Teen Missions in Honduras Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center near the village of San Isidro. From here, your team will visit different schools and soccer fields each day sharing the love of Christ with your smiles, Christian testimony, and Gospel presentations. During the last two weeks, you will be renovating the dormitories for the Honduras BMW students.

Your team will enjoy shopping for hammocks, machetes and other souvenirs, as well as, spending a day on the beach of the Caribbean Sea.


Project Expense: $2790 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. I would like to be on the same page as the parents of the kids going to Honduras. My daughter, Hannah, is on the team. Do I need to be invited by someone? Thanks! Jan

  2. When will the 2014 schedule be released? Thanks 🙂

  3. Victor Harrison.

    I just have two questions,
    Q1. Am I allowed to bring my wind pants that I generally work in, to the field FOR WORK? It say in the packing list for work/ev that we should bring jeans or light pants. Do wind pants count?

    Q2. They say we are allowed to bring cleats to Honduras for when we play soccer. However, my feet are wide and cleats are a thin cut. So they do not work to well for me. I have been playing soccer 9 years and have a pair of shoes that generally play in. Am I allowed to bring those shoes in place of cleats?

  4. My passport expires the 29th of March 2014, will this be a problem? Also, what is the return date and estimated time for the flight back to Florida?

    • Alicia, You should be fine. You are on an Early Boot Camp team. The flight schedule was is the Individual Team Fact Sheet that you should have received about three weeks ago.

  5. hey beth im wondering since my mom is going to lead the panama team, (she is coming on june 1st)what are me and my brother going to do while we are waiting for boot camp(my brother super bc)?thanks

  6. Jeremiah Almeida

    What time do we leave June 8th? in the morning or afternoon?

    • Jeremiah, You must arrive at Boot Camp before 10 AM on June 8. If you are flying in, you can arrive between 10 AM on June 7 and 10 AM on June 8.

  7. Oops. Sorry, i meant to ask if THIS team was still open. RIGHT NOW IT IS FULL, BUT THAT CAN CHANGE WITH CANCELLATIONS AND SWITCHES.

  8. How do i know which teams are open still? PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE TOMORROW (321-453-0350).

  9. Hey everyone , I really want to go on this trip. I feel like God is calling me to come serve here. I’m going to ask my parents about it and then( hopefully) i will be registering for this team! If you could pray for me that would be great! Thanks 🙂

  10. Will we have to wear long pants while we play? I live in Florida, and I know that it is very hard to play soccer in summer with just shorts and a t-shirt on. I also know that the Honduras team last year had a lot of trouble with dehydration. YES, YOU WILL WEAR PANTS THE WHOLE TIME.


  12. Alicia Jorgenson

    Hey everybody! I’m so stoked to spend the summer with you all! I’m so pumped for this trip! It will be a blast! For those of you that are going, you should check out One Nation One Day’s website and watch the video. It’s this huge Evangelical movement that will be happening in Honduras this summer. They’re goal is to bring the whole nation of Honduras to Christ in a single day, and we’re gonna be there to witness it! You should check it out! http://www.1nation1day.com/vision. Feel free to add me on Facebook too! my name is Alicia Anne Jorgenson (:

  13. My parents are letting me go!(: were signing up today!! But I won’t know anyone there so you guys should add me on Facebook if your going! My name is Shy’anne Brunner It’s a face picture of me and I’m wereing white shirt with tiny anchors and then a dark navy blue cover up!


  15. Madison Anderson

    Hi, I’m madison Anderson. I have never been on a mission trip before and I am curious about how this works. I hear a lot about the boot camp. If anyone has any wandered could you please add me n Facebook. Madison nikole Anderson and I’m wearing a ball cap. I need answers, thank you! MADISON, CALL OR EMAIL US WITH YOUR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS. WE WILL BE HAPPY TO ANSWER THEM. (321-453-0350 OR [email protected])

  16. Is there anybody I can call or email with questions about this trip? DESTINY, YOU CAN CALL OUR OFFICE ANY TIME BETWEEN 8:30 – 5 EST (321-453-0350) OR YOU CAN EMAIL YOUR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS TO [email protected] AND I WILL BE HAPPY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS!

  17. Is there still room on this team? YES, THERE IS.

  18. Cambodia sounded great but hondorus sounds better. but the only problem is that this one is early and not super. because my sister is going on the super to cameroon and younger brother is going on the preteen oneand so we’ll be seeing each other for a whole week before seperating to different countrys but were still going to hondorus

  19. Hey everybody, as you can see my name is Victor Harrison, and although this is my first out of country missions trip I still have some usefull tips if anyone wants to know some. My mom was a leader in Teen Missions in 1993 to India and she has trained me and my sibilings well. If you want I can probably field some questions on facebook (my profile picture is blue with words on it). I will also post the incredible story as to why God chose Honduras over all the others. I have played soccer 12 years, brought two teens to christ when evangilising in my state of Maryland (USA), and slightly know Spanish. Looking forward to meeting you all and this trip!

  20. I wasn’t going to be going we here, but since Cambodia closed I decided to go here!

  21. Caleb: Why don’t you look me up on facebook (I don’t have an instragram). my profile pic is of me in a green jacket in the snow.

  22. Ok…never mind look me up on Facebook! My name is Caleb Erickson. My picture is me wrestling!

  23. Hannah look me up on Instagram it will b easier! Caleberickson21

  24. If you want to add me as your friend on Facebook (my name is Hannah Ott) my profile pic is of me in a green jacket behind a bike rack in the snow. 🙂 Can’t wasit to meet all of ya’ll this summer. 🙂

  25. Hey everyone, this is my first mission trip with teen missions and I’m so excited about going! I went on a mission trip with my church youth group to New Orleans after the hurricane.. Look me up on face book! My name is Abigail Johns!!

  26. Stumbled onto this site while searching for a missions team myself.. i would do anything to be able to go back to Honduras and share the word again. It was the most eye opening experience ever. I have not gone one day without thinking of Honduras since I can home. I absolutely loved the time i spent in Tegucigalpa this past year and I cannot wait for the next opportunity to go again. Will be praying for your team as you prepare to change lives and have your lives touched if not completely changed in this trip!

  27. I can’t find you. What is yor profile picture?

  28. Hey Everyone! I am going on this trip for sure! Already have all my money raised! Look me up on Facebook! Caleb Erickson

  29. Hey everybody, I am going on this trip and I think it will be awesome. So, if your going look me up on Facebook. My name is Ryan Nicholls and I am wearing a black shirt if that helps.

  30. Hey everyone who is going on this trip! I have signed up and am really excited for this mission trip. I went to Peru two years ago and can answer any question you may have. My name is Hannah Ott and you can look me up on FaceBook if you are going on this team. Hope you consider joining this missions trip! 🙂 God Bless!

  31. Hey I am interested in be part of the Honduras team but am wondering how much soccer is involved? Will I be speaking in Spanish? How many are part of the team? Was looking at pictures on here, is there any alumni that can talk about their experience? When does this team fill up?

    • Andrew, I have no idea when the team will fill. If you speak, you can speak in English and a translator will be there. I can’t be specific about the soccer, but it should be about 1/2 of the time, but they are still working on the schedule.

  32. Will the team members be allowed to wear soccer cleats while playing soccer or have to stay in their boots during games?

  33. What is the deadline for signing up? And are there different sessions to choose from between June 8 and July 31 or is that how long the trip lasts? Thank you!

    • Mikalia, The sonner you sign up, the better. Teams are already filling up. You can choose Early Boot Camp which is the one Honduras is in. There is also Super Boot Camp and those teams are listed on our website.

  34. I really would love to go but my dad said “no”. Later last night my dad made a promise to me that if there hasn’t been any problems with any of the teens in a mission or any other problems that i could go. Is there anyway i can find out please.

  35. Hey guys you should sign up it’s really good. And Boot Camp may be the hardest time of your life but you’ll get through it. I went on the Old West Indian Reservation trip in 2011 and it was great. Don’t have any doubts about joining. Even if you THINK you can’t get the money don’t worry about it. It will be hard work but at the end of the day you can look back and say “I did that”

  36. Yeah, N, my mom is too. Is it safe? Is there any possible chance we could be taken or sold or something crazy like that?

  37. Alicia Jorgenson

    what are the housing, bathing and laundry conditions? also, is the boot camp before we leave or is it during the dates of the trip?

    • Alicia, The housing and bathing will vary. While at the base, you will be in dorms with showers and bucket laundry. The dates are all-inclusive (include Boot Camp, project time and Debrief).

  38. Hey, it’s me again.. My mom is more than skeptical about me leaving the country, and I was told to read about Honduras on travel.state.gov.. Does anyone know if the site is reliable? According to it, crime is common in the San Pedro Sula area. What do we do in the foregin countries to be sure we are exercising caution and have a lesser chance of encountering a bad situation? Thanks.

  39. What is the situation with housing, bathing, and laundry? Tents and buckets? 🙂

  40. This seems like a great opportunity for me… I will be praying about it!!!!!!!

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