Chambers, Amyann (Winter 2013)

Dearest Friends,

Tabernacle in Canada

Tabernacle in Canada

So much has happened since my last letter to you. I went back to Canada to help take down the Tabernacle so it could be brought back to Florida. When we got back I was asked if I would be willing to be in the Promotions Department full time and do puppets part time. My current job has been working on getting volunteers to help promote Teen Missions at a concert tour called Winter Jam. God has been helping me get “the hang” of promotions. I have never been able to sit at a desk for very long before, but I have been able with God’s help to do paperwork and all the things inside the office to help the ministry here.


I grew up thinking that missionaries were people who live in some way-out place in Africa with nothing but two sets of clothes. Since being here, I have learned that a disciple of God can be asked to do anything from cleaning to directing. God can use anyone anywhere to help reach people for Christ. Right now I am working in the office, but in a couple months I will be in a country in Africa called Malawi. I was asked to help run the three bases Malawi operates. I am really looking forward to going.



My future husband

Sometimes God asks us to go places alone, but this time I am going with someone. March 8th will be the last day I will be serving the Lord the way I do now, because on March 9th in Paige, Texas I will become Mrs. Amyann Bauman! I am getting married! My future husband, Adam, and I will be tying the knot in March and then we will be leading a team of teenagers to Malawi in June. When the team leaves to go home, Adam and I will be staying there to coordinate the work.



The Chambers Family

With so much going on, I find myself at a totally new level. God has brought me through so much. He has been faithful and has been encouraging and challenging me every step of the way. He has brought me to a point in my life where I can honestly say that He is my life. If you have never gotten to that point, I want to encourage you to start obeying God in everything and He will bring you to a place where there is no better high. He will ask some crazy things of you every now and then, but trust Him, He knows what He’s doing even if you don’t. If God asks you to talk to someone or give someone something or even go somewhere out of your comfort zone, would you do it? That is what I have been challenged with and I hope it challenges you.


I want you to know that I really appreciate all the time some of you spend praying for me and the financial support that some of you give. I am so humbled every month when I see how God uses people to provide for all my needs. When I first joined staff with Teen Missions I was nervous about giving up a career and good job. I obeyed and was placed in an uncomfortable spot called trust and reliance on God, to get to a place called completely amazed. Please pray for me as I embark on this new journey.  Please know that I will be praying for each of you to get to the point where you are 100% trusting in God.


In God’s Care,



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