Chicas, Chico and Kathy (Winter 2013)

Chicas Staff Newsletter

Our dear family and friends,

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! The last few months have been busy, but we have felt your prayers. Our Father in heaven has graciously allowed us to grow closer to Him, even in the midst of business and difficulties.

Honduras Boot Camp

Hello from Honduras

When we got back from Oregon, we jumped right back into our normal schedule. Chico was off to his third term of classes at the University in San Pedro Sula, while coordinating the ministry at the base the other three days a week. Kathy was homeschooling our kids and teaching English to the staff and students. Then we started adding some things. Daniel and Samuel were going to be participating in the National Awana Championships and so they had to practice about twice a week in San Isidro. Chico wanted to take advantage of his time in San Pedro Sula so he had a meeting with some non-Christian men and showed the movie “Courageous”, and we started travelling to different areas in Honduras to promote Boot Camp. And the results? Daniel and Samuel did a good job at Awana! Chico had one man who prayed to accept Christ, and others who asked for counseling! The plan is now to meet once a month with them. And, Boot Camp? Well……..


Four graduates and one commissioning student, Jan. 2013

In our last letter, we asked you to pray for funds to hold the current Boot Camp. It turned out to be somewhat of a test for us to see if we really are depending on our heavenly Father, but in the end, everything worked out. Also, while in the states, we had asked for prayer for more people to come to Boot Camp – and there were more people this year! We had 66 team members and 12 leaders, enough for the four teams we had planned.  But the most exciting of all, is that it was a really good Boot Camp! God used those who taught classes and preached sermons to impact the lives of the youth with challenging messages from God’s Word that we believe will transform their lives forever! Chico shared from some messages he heard recently from Paul Washer, “It doesn’t matter if you have a passion to serve God, the question is, Do you have a passion for God? Do you long for Him?”  We were privileged and blessed to see 13 young people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior while at Boot Camp! Please pray with us that the team members and leaders will think and act differently now, and they will continually have a desire for God. As I am writing this letter, the teams have just left the base to go to their different project sites. One team is in Northern Honduras near the border of Guatemala, where they will be doing evangelism in the mountains. Another team will be doing evangelism in the mountains of Intibuca in Western Honduras. A third team will be doing a work project and some evangelism in the southern city of Danli, and the fourth team will be riding bicycles as they share the Gospel in the southern city of Langue. Please pray that their testimony will leave a lasting impression of the difference that Jesus gives our lives—the peace, hope, joy, and freedom from Satan’s destructive plans.


Not able to walk, but always wanting to help, Abi peeled about 30 hard-boiled eggs!

For Christmas, we went to Tegucigalpa to be with Chico’s family. In Honduras, the traditions are quite different from North America. They stay up all night of the 24th and do fireworks right at midnight! So we were out in the street with the other families of the neighborhood that night. Some of the firecrackers are specially made to make a very big noise and we tried to keep Abi’s ears covered so they wouldn’t hurt later. But one time one was going to go off and Daniel saw that Abi’s ears weren’t covered. He lunged to cover them, tripped and fell on top of Abi in just such a way that her leg twisted under her and broke! We didn’t realize it at the time, though we thought it was a twisted ankle. After about four hours of crying, she finally took some Ibuprofen and fell asleep. But when she woke up, she couldn’t move without it hurting, so we decided to go to the doctor. The x-ray confirmed a spiral type of fracture in the lower part of her leg, and she got a cast put on. She has to have it on for six weeks total, and at the writing of this letter, it has been two weeks—the entire two weeks of Boot Camp! Can you imagine? On top of the regular busy, craziness of Boot Camp, Abi couldn’t walk! She spent a lot of time just sitting, but she was also blessed to have many hands that wanted to hold her! Even though my attitude was more like “poor Abi”, she had an amazingly good attitude! And even though I was tired from being in the kitchen all day and from carrying her whenever she needed to go somewhere, God gave me the strength and health, I was one of the only ones who was never sick during the entire Boot Camp! For that I have to say, “Praise the Lord!”


Oansa- Spanish for Awana

This year, Samuel has decided that he would like to try going on another summer missions trip with Teen Missions (last year, only Daniel went.) After praying about it, he has chosen the Bethlehem, Israel Preteen Team. Daniel is old enough to go on his first teen team this year, and he would really like to go to Russia. We are so very grateful to those who have supported our children on missions trips in the past, because we believe God uses these trips to speak to them in a special way. If you are interested in teen or preteen missions trips for your children, we encourage you to check out the website at If you would like to donate to Daniel or Samuel’s trips, please make a note of it on the coupon when you send it in. Thank you!


Chico was delighted to serve Boa at Boot Camp!

Feb. 8th Abi should get her cast off and Feb. 15th she will turn four years old. Sometime around those dates, we are also scheduled to begin the next term here at the Teen Missions Bible School. We would appreciate your prayers both for Abi’s leg to heal well and also for many new students to be able to come this term! Thank you each and every one for your faithfulness in praying and also for those who give financially to support this ministry. We pray that God blesses you abundantly and that you can grow closer to Him each day.


Love in Christ,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, and Abigail Chicas


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