Aronson, Emery and Linda (Winter 2013)

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All snug at 70

All snug at 70

Last month we sent out a letter because our support had fallen. It’s always hard to ask for money, especially at this time when others are in need too. We realize sometimes that you just have to make people aware that you have a need. We got a good response and appreciate everyone who helped. It was so good to get all the encouraging notes. It is always good to know that somehow what you are doing is a good thing and is helping to change people’s lives in the US and overseas.

We had a good time of celebration at Christmas with grandkids, sisters and family.  We took Ava over to “ICE”— it is a frozen ice place kept at 7˚.  It has a slide made out of ice and is very cold (freezing to Florida people) that you can go down. Ava and Grandma had fun going down many times.  During Christmas time, Bass Pro had a carousel not with horses, but with reindeer. With an after-Christmas sale, I got a gingerbread house that Ava and I put together mostly, Ava enjoyed the candy decorations.  Another project we had was decorating the Christmas tree. She was talking to the balls and icicles and making sure they were all friends.


It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. We are getting ready for another summer with kids who will come to Boot Camp and have their lives changed forever.

Grandma and I “We did it”

Recently, we had our big 2013 brochure mailing (about 86,000).  There was cutting and folding of letters that were being inserted in the mailing and then stuffing it and getting it in the mail before Thanksgiving.

Another project at Teen Missions is redoing some of the inside offices. So Emery made a trip to pick up some carpet in Georgia and then drove on up to Tennessee to pick up some clothes that a church collects for us. These clothes will be sent overseas in a container for the AIDS orphans. It was a quick two-day trip, but Emery and Joseph enjoyed going on these trips to get out of Florida for a bit.  Also, there is always work to be done outside, so between inside and outside, Emery keeps pretty busy.


Teen Missions was in two local parades with our country flags and won first prize in one of them. It was a great opportunity to let others locally know about the ministry of Teen Missions. We watched as the flags went by.

TMI staff/ students with flags in the parade

Since we are both from “seasons” country, I wanted to let you know through these pictures, that we do have a little bit of changing of the seasons, just not in October like most.


Thank you so much for your prayers and support that allow us to be a part of this ministry.


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