Lane, Bob and Betty (Winter 2013)

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Dear Family and Friends,


Santa's gift to the students

Santa’s gift to the students

Returning to the office and greeting the staff and students after three weeks off was like a spiritual renewing. We are blessed to begin another year with Teen Missions.


Betty and I greet you this New Year and wish you a very blessed and healthy New Year. We traveled to Virginia to enjoy Christmas with our youngest son, Stanley, and his wife Janet, our granddaughter, Amy, and our great granddaughter, Sara. It was a happy time. In our travels we also stopped in Jacksonville to visit Betty’s family.



Saturday, December 29th, our daughter, Nancy and her family, plus Robert, Stanley and family had Christmas together and four

of our six great grandchildren were there. It was a blessed time. Betty and I look back on 2012 and give God the glory for the health and safety He gave us.


Our Papaya Tree

Our Papaya Tree

In October we were asked to travel to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to set up teams. We also went to Panama to visit a missionary to the Kuna Indians, who live on a group of islands off the east coast of Panama. The normal travel takes four hours by small boats, but we took the easy way. We flew 1½ hours in a small plane. The Kuna live in thatch huts with no electricity, phone, or mail service. Omar, the missionary, has a cell phone connection to the mainland. The women wear very colorful dresses which they make themselves. The men have adapted to shorts and T-shirts. We enjoyed our stay and also the food. They eat a lot of seafood along with tropical fruits and vegetables. The waters surrounding the island were beautiful. We were able to set up teams in all of these countries for 2013. Our missionary host in Panama took us to see the Panama Canal. It was something I’ve always wanted to see.

Push this button

Push this button

Betty and I thank you for the Christmas cards, letters and pictures of your beautiful children. Hearing from you brings back many fond memories – Peru Airstrip was one we remember so well. Our health is good. I don’t want to tell you all about our aches and pains that come with age. I will soon be 82 on March 3rd.


We look forward to what God has for us to do. I know we will be blessed. Thanks for all your prayers.


Keep up the good fight. It will be worth it all when we see Jesus our Savior. Do we hear a “praise the Lord?” Love to all of you, our wonderful family and friends. You mean the world to us.

Blessings in Jesus,

Bob and Betty Lane


Pray for: • Salvation for family and friends • Safety in travel • Health to serve

Always a fireman

Always a fireman

Who Won?

Who Won?


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