Vanderpool, Kathy (Winter 2013)

Vanderpool Staff Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope all of you had a great Christmas break and are ready for the New Year. Only six more months and it will be time for Boot Camp to start. As quickly as that is coming there is always lots to do in preparation for Boot Camp.

The winter Overseas Boot Camps are finishing and we will be getting reports and inventories for each country so we can start the office process of preparing to get them what they need for next year.  I will be busy getting all the reports filed away, getting orders for T-shirts, literature, evangelism equipment, and construction tools. These items need to be gathered and put into a bin so they can be packed in duffle bags to go with the summer teams. T-shirts will need a TMI logo ironed on them before they can be packed.

In the next few months I will begin to work on the Mustard Seed program. The theme this year is Cowboy Camp.  There are crafts to be organized, games to plan, Bible stories and memory verses to get ready and snacks and schedules to plan. We also need to cut felt so that the children can make Wordless Books.  It’s exciting to bring it all together to challenge and encourage the Mustard Seeds to give their hearts to the Lord, and for them to get a look at missions. It is really special to work with these little ones.

The big project our department has been working on since October is the orphan sponsorship program. Once a year we send out a renewal letter. First we need to gather information from the country about the Units where the orphans are sponsored. There are 35 Orphan Rescue Units that need an update and there are over 300 children that are sponsored.  The donor then needs to be mailed the update. We are working hard to get this program organized well.

We are ready for a container of clothes to be shipped to Malawi. So, right now we are working on the paperwork that will need to be put together with the shipping company. It usually takes about three to five months for the container to arrive in the country. We are so thankful for all the clothes, shoes, blankets, coats and sweaters that have been packed. There are 51 bales of clothes and eight buckets of skin ointment. Children are thrilled to receive clothes that don’t have holes or a jacket that will keep them protected through the rainy season. Some may even sleep in their jacket to keep warm. Yes, it really does get cold in Africa.

This summer I will be taking a team to Southern Sudan. The team started with a few members but it continues to grow. Please pray for us as we train at Boot Camp and travel.  Pray I would have wisdom as I have opportunity to minister to the teens. My prayer is that they would have a love for the Word of God and that Jesus can work in their hearts and lives. I want them to love Him and want to serve Him not just for the summer, but for the rest of their life.

It’s time to start working on the February wire, this happens three times a year. This is getting budgets together for each country overseas. Please pray that we can get all the data together and get the finances to the overseas bases in a timely manner.

I also see the reports that come in from all over the world at our bases. It is amazing how many lives are effected through the ministry.

TMI Ministry Totals

23 Countries 38 Overseas Boot Camps 9 Motorcycle Sunday School Circuits

32 Bases 33 Orphan Rescue Units 120 Sunday Schools

24 Bible Schools 8 Matron’s Units


Thank you for your faith, prayers and financial support so that I can continue to serve the Lord in this amazing ministry.


Because of Him,



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