Bauman, Adam (WInter 2013)


Greetings Friends and Family,


My future wife and I

God is doing great things in my life at this time. I just praise God because my fiancé and I will be getting married March 9th. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with my best friend. I appreciate all of your prayers and support. Pray that God will provide the finances for Amy and I as we’ll be raising support together in a couple of months. We are still praying that we can raise enough money for our wedding and for us as we will be going to Malawi and coordinate the Teen Mission’s base there.


Back to Malawi

Some of the kids at the unit

In 2004 I went on my first mission trip with Teen Missions International. The country I went to was Malawi and our team built an Aids Orphan Rescue Unit. Five years later I went back to Malawi and worked at a Rescue Unit. I also got to visit the Rescue Unit I built five years before. It was neat to see how successful something I built five years ago has become. A Rescue Unit helps hundreds of orphans in a village. They provide food, medicine and clothing. Of course, the most important thing that a Rescue Unit provides is the love of Jesus Christ.


The rescue unit I worked at

God is doing many great things in Malawi. We have about 12 Rescue Units in Malawi plus many more things that the Lord is doing. Amy and I were asked to go to Malawi to coordinate the work there. This will be my third time going back to Malawi. My goal is to get a whole lot of prayer partners to pray specifically that Amy and I can stay healthy while in Malawi. My other prayer request is for the country of Malawi itself. I love the people there so much and I want God to bless them in many ways.


What I typically do at Teen Missions

One of the most common questions I get is, “What do you typically do at Teen Missions each and every day.” Last November I got moved to a different department at Teen Missions. I now work in what they call the Promotions Department. We’ve been getting hundreds of people who have requested some information about Teen Missions. One of the things I do is I follow up by calling these people. I’ve also had some opportunities to speak at Christian schools, youth groups and churches for the purpose of trying to get kids interested in going on a mission trip.


The Greatest Evangelists

More kids

Last summer at Teen Missions there was a group of Preteens that went on a mission trip to Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. They did an amazing ministry called ‘Fair Share’ ministry. These young kids would go to the fairs and share the gospel with the people there. God used these young kids to win several hundred people to the Lord. I was able to speak with one kid who went on that mission trip who was about 11 years old. This young kid told me that after the mission trip he had a neighbor kid who moved next door to him. This kid was about the same age. He told his new neighbor about Jesus and was able to win him to Christ. Here’s another story: The leaders of that mission trip have a child who is about 7 years old. He went home after his summer with the team and told people about Jesus who didn’t know Him.


I believe that there are no greater evangelists than children. With my own eyes, I’ve seen children share the gospel better than any age group I’ve ever seen. The devil’s goal is to keep people out of heaven but if we can teach children to share with others about Jesus then there’s no hope for the devil to win.


Be a Part

More kids

In order to feed the poor, help the orphans or share the gospel, we need full-time workers and in order to have full-time workers we need to provide them with financial support. Every worker at Teen Missions raises money in order to serve with. I’m planning to go to Malawi to oversee Orphan Rescue Units and make sure they’re running properly. I would not be able to do that if it weren’t for the financial support of others. Many of you who are reading this have supported me in this ministry and I can’t thank you enough. Everyone is doing their part in helping these precious orphans but God is the ultimate helper of orphans. Pray that we can get the financial support so we can continue serving the Lord. Lord bless you all.


In Christ,




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