Deegan, Sean and Sharon (Winter 2013)

Deegan Staff Newsletter

Greetings all in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As the new year begins, I look back and realize just how much God has done in our lives.

It has been ten years since Sharon and I started Teen Missions BMW school. It seems hard to believe it’s been that long, until we look back and see everything that has happened in our lives.

Say "Cheese!"

Say “Cheese!”

As Sharon and I went through Bible school, we saw God’s call in our lives to become full-time missionaries serving with Teen Missions. Shortly after finishing our time in school, Sharon and I got married in March of 2005 and a month later we were on staff with Teen Missions.

The following spring, Sharon and I were helping to establish a base in Belize when we found out our daughter, Kieley was on the way. It was God’s way of bringing us back to the States. With our first child on the way, God opened up the opportunity for me to serve in the Teen Missions mailroom. I remember being scared and a little overwhelmed at the huge responsibility ahead of me. After serving in the mail room for five years, I was asked to move to the Computer Department. Two months later, the need arose for someone to run the Video Department. Once again, I was overwhelmed, but one thing I have learned over the last few years is that God can do a lot through someone who is willing.

Ziplining in the mountains of North Carolina

Ziplining in the mountains of North Carolina

Our Children are such a joy and always full of surprises. Cailyn, our youngest, has shown so much personality. Kieley and Aiden love to play with her and her personality really shows through. She’s a smart little girl and when her brother or sister is watching TV, instead of playing with her, we have watched her sneak over to the remote and turn off the TV just to get their attention.

Aiden loves cars

Aiden loves cars

Aiden is our little man and definitely 100% boy. I would say he has been the most challenging so far as he is very strong willed. He is very curious as to what Daddy is doing whenever I’m cooking or doing different odd jobs around the house. He likes to spend time with his daddy and is always telling me “Mommy, Kieley, and Cailyn are girls and we are boys.” Which is usually followed by a big hug.

Making gingerbread house for Christmas

Making gingerbread house for Christmas

Kieley is growing up so fast. She turned six in November and is already over 4’ tall! She’s mommy’s big helper and likes to “babysit” her little sister. She and Aiden like to come up with games and would play all night and day if we let them. Kieley is doing really well in kindergarten and has even started doing some first-grade work.

The biggest joy in our lives, other than our kids, has to be our summer teams. As I said, we’ve been with Teen Mission for ten years and the highlight of every year is the summer. Over the past few years, we have been able to watch our team members grow up from preteens to married with families of their own. With Facebook, we have been able to keep up with many of our FTM’s (former team members). Even though we won’t be leading a team this summer, Sharon and I are really excited for the upcoming summer. Being in the Video Department, I get to work on the video scrapbooks, as well as run the sound for the different rallies during the Boot Camps. Sharon really enjoyed taking the pictures last year and hopes to do it again this summer.

We appreciate all of the prayers and support from so many of you.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

Please pray for our parenting, as those of you who read this that are parents can understand at times it is difficult to know the right way to handle situations. We desire to raise our children to honor God, follow His Word, and discipline them in love.

We would ask you to pray as we are settling into a new church. As some of you may know, we left our church home of nine years and started searching for a new church. We feel we have found that home but want to make sure it is the right place for our family where our children, as well as us, can grow in The Lord.

Along with that, please be in prayer for our financial support. Over the past year, our support has dropped to about $600 a month. Pray that we can be good stewards of what God has provided for us and that He would raise up people to financially support us in this ministry God has set before us.

We thank you for taking the time to keep up with what is doing in our lives. If there are any things you need us to pray for, please feel free to contact us. Also, if you live on the east coast and would like us to come share about Teen Missions, please let us know.

We pray that God will bless all of you in this new year and you can grow in your relationship with Him this year.

Sean, Sharon, Kieley, Aiden & Cailyn


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