Petersen, Doug and Barb (Winter 2013)

Petersen DB Staff Newsletter

Below are two reports from our Circuit Riders (in their own words)  who are doing Sunday Schools by motorcycle in very remote districts of Zambia.  (no roads)  They are meeting in six different locations per week.  This is a strenuous outreach and Steven Kasoma and Calvin Kashinga are very faithful servants of the Lord.

Report from Mbila, (Gateway Fellowship Sunday School)

MbilaTo God our Father be all the Glory and honor for his mercies endure forever, making it possible for us to reach to the end of this year, which has been with a lot of experiences. This will not pass devoid of recalling the memories of Mibila people who have continued to show much interest with our programs. This is one of the Sunday Schools which we have recorded the highest number of adults who have been always coming for classes. Many people have been trained in literacy. From the beginning of this year to the end, we have had about 32 adults of which 27 have successfully done it and are able to read through literacy classes. Asking one of the ladies how it feels now and speaking on behalf of others, Mrs. Nkansa, 51 years old explained, “I can’t just believe it, almost every member or the village is getting the interest to learn. We will always remain thankful for these lessons that have made some of us to be knowing lots of things which we didn’t know. Personally, I am very happy because I am able to read now and I am saved,” Mrs. Nkansa explained. She said now she also even has peace at her home because ever since she accepted Christ in July, things have really changed. This has given her the encouragement to learn so that she can be able to read the Bible on her own. The interested and persistent people are really making it. And we thank God for everything.


Report from Nkulumashiba, (The Sun Valley C.U. Sunday School)

NkulumashibaThere are many reasons and ways we can appreciate the Almighty God for everything He is and has done in many lives out here. The year has clocked down with many happenings; spiritually, socially and physically. Nkulumashiba is one of the places in the real outskirts of Zambia where many people, including the government, hasn’t reached. The opportunity of this ministry to this area has been a plus, even in this very passing year. As reported some months back, Nkulumashiba is a place where there is no clinic, no school, there is just nothing more than heavy bush and some people allocated to it, so this ministry is of high expectation that we deliver more to them. As we came to the end of this year I had an opportunity to speak to the village headman, asking him what and how the ministry to his area is a blessing since kids and adults are able to learn in various things such as being taught Bible lessons, learning to read, weekly assistance in medicine. He said, “You people are a blessing here. You are our school, our clinic and our church. We hope that you are going to do more than what you are doing. It will be good if you can even help build us in the areas that we lack here.” said the 78 year old man. And for sure we are a blessing and God’s Light is shining. To Him be the Glory.


Report from Ndola Boot Camp by Doug

ZambiaI have never had a team report delivered to our gate by (EMS- Express Mail Service) in 28 years of doing these Boot Camps. But it happened today. I guess Millan, the leader, thought he had some news to share from Livingstone and indeed he did. Of course, you know Millan is our Kansoka facilitator and former Circuit Rider. He is the one that has 1,000,000 souls by 2015 painted on his bike. Well, they no more than got settled for the train ride when he had the team get out the puppets and they started evangelizing the passengers. I had asked the conductor while they were loading what the capacity of the train was and he said each of the 11 coaches carries 92 passengers and that before they reach Lusaka they will be standing in the aisles. He then said the train empties out and again begins filling up before they reach Livingstone. So there were probably between 1,000 and 2,000 people that the team witnessed to. Millan said it didn’t take long and the team was the talk of the train. People began coming by to see what was happening and they got the Gospel message. Millan’s report says that 580 people gave their lives to the Lord. I had thought that this team was going to be a work team but little did I know that the Lord had different plans. I was concerned about the fact that this team was only going to have about 7 work days on the project. But no, they began their project immediately upon entering the train. This was an EV/work team. Now they still have the return trip. Pray it will be as effective.

We must say that we have seen God do mighty things during the three Boot Camps that ran over Christmas holiday.  To God be all the Glory.  Here is further update on the Livingstone Team.  On the return trip they saw more come to know Jesus.  There were over 800 responses from just the train trip alone.The stories are so numerous, they cannot all be told.  One by one, God added to His Kingdom.

Just this evening, I heard from one of our Solwezi leaders that a lady, 87 years old,  received the Lord while they were doing evangelism on that team. (Muchinchi Team) She said to the youth who were sharing with her, “Where have all you people been?  Look how old and feeble I am and no one ever told me this Good News before now?”  Good question!  But the team members said, “You are never too old, just receive Jesus now!”  She did, and another soul came into the Kingdom of God.  Proverbs says, “He who wins souls is wise.”


The Ndola Boot Camp had eight “overfull” teams.  We were maxed-out with 186 team members and 46 leaders, 232 people who went out to share Jesus with Zambia.  The team members were so charged up when they came back for Debrief, that as they sang, it felt like they really were going to raise the roof.  I wish you could hear them sing! Below is a Boot Camp picture.  It is really sort of funny because it is supposed to be the outline of Africa but it didn’t quite turn out, even the team members have their backs to the viewer.  We will do better next year!  All the team members were blessed to be able to take home a Bible to keep doing their personal devotions at home.  Thanks to Jamie Bagge for her love for the ministry and for the donation of these Bibles to the ministry.


Thank you, dear supporters, one and all!  You make this ministry possible and we are so blessed to be a part of it.  God just continues to show Himself strong.  We are ready to start a new BMW (Bible School) term in a few days.  We press on and we are grateful for all of your prayers.  Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together


In His harvest,


Doug and Barb Petersen


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