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Dear Family and Friends,



We are rejoicing at the news coming in from our winter Boot Camps in Ecuador, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda and Australia. Dad emailed this testimony from a Zambian WORK team as they travelled on the train to their project on the Zimbabwe border:


Steve sharing from the stage in Tampa
Steve sharing from the stage in Tampa

I have never had a team report delivered to our gate by EMS in 28 years of doing these Boot Camps. But it happened today. I guess Millian thought he had some news to share from Livingstone and indeed he did. Of course you know Millian, our Kansoka facilitator and former Circuit Rider. He is the one that has 1,000,000 souls by 2015 painted on his bike. Well, they no more got settled for the train ride when he had the team get out the puppets and they started evangelizing the passengers. I had asked the conductor, while they were loading, what the capacity of the train was and he said each of the 11 coaches carries 92 passengers and that before they reach Lusaka they will be standing in the aisles. He then said the train empties out and again begins filling up before they reach Livingstone. So there were probably between 1,000 and 2,000 people that the team witnessed to. Millian said it didn’t take long and the team was the talk of the train. People began coming by to see what was happening and they got the gospel message. Millian’s report says that 580 people gave their lives to the Lord. I had thought that this team was going to be a work team but little did I know that the Lord had different plans. I was concerned about the fact this team was only going to have about seven work days on the project. But no, they began their project immediately upon entering the train! This was an ev/work team. Now they still have the return trip. Pray it will be as effective.

Your faithful prayers and support have made the difference in so many lives around the world this fall and winter… THANK YOU!!


It is a great honor and privilege to be asked to again represent Teen Missions on the Winter Jam concert tour (visit for dates and locations) as they visit 44 cities in the Central and Eastern USA during January, February and March. I am able to share with hundreds of youth pastors each evening at a special meeting before the concert and with thousands of youth outside before the doors open and during the event at the Teen Missions booth.  I also am allowed to share for 60 seconds from stage B right before the concert begins. This is the largest music tour in the USA with an attendance last year of over 500,000. This is an unparalleled opportunity for Teen Missions to get the word out about short and long-term missions opportunities for both youth and adults. We so covet your prayers during this important time. My colleague, Ryan Fast, is scheduled to take over later in the tour while I cover January and February. It has been a blessing to pray with many who were at the point of tears as they’ve been stirred by the Holy Spirit to take that important step of faith into ministry/service.  Later this spring, I hope to return to Florida and my service in the IT Department and as an instructor at the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center. The next class I cover should be Synthesis III (I Samuel through II Chronicles).


Winter Jam in Tampa
Winter Jam in Tampa


We enjoyed time with part of Gay’s family over the Christmas holiday in North Carolina.  Gay is now back home getting Timothy and Faith back into the homeschool routine. Gay also cares for her mother, who has been living with us for the past two years. Gay’s ministry responsibilities are to cook for the TMI conferences and retreats that help to support our Bible Training Center students. She also administers guest and volunteer housing on Heavenly Street and does proofing and secretarial work from our home office when needed. She continues to coordinate the Peanut Boot Camp and will soon begin to set up their projects for the upcoming summer Boot Camp. This will be her 12th year to coordinate that program.




Time for all of us to work on our Spanish!  We have been assigned to lead the summer teen team to Ecuador. It is to be both a work and evangelism team.  Our work project is planned for the Teen Missions base in Ecuador. It is located in the mountains at about 10,000 feet.  During our evangelistic outreach, our team plans to backpack to nearby villages and do open-air presentations using national TMI staff and student translators.  I’m looking forward to seeing Ben and Anna Calderon as I was able to meet this awesome couple while in Honduras last year, before they moved to Ecuador.



• For health and safety to be able to serve the Lord in missions as a family

• For so many national youth discipled at the Overseas Boot Camps

• For the opportunity to share with thousands about missions at Winter Jam

• That registrations are up for a third straight year!



• For anointing as I share at Winter Jam and meet many

new people on the tour

• For Gay as she manages the load of home, home school,

and TMI work while I am away for two months

• Timothy has struggled some with his focus on school… Pray

for wisdom and for his ability to learn

• For the hundreds of teens and leaders as they are now

raising prayer and financial support for the summer teams


Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22&20 / Gal. 2:20

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