Shrock, Jason and Karen (Winter 2013)

Shrock Staff Newsletter

“The Best Camp in South Africa= Boot Camp…WOW!” (written on a note from a South Africa camper). Since we last sent you a newsletter we let you know that we were going to be preparing for our Lord’s Boot Camp for the month of December. We asked that you pray for us and especially the youth that would be coming. Satan knew this would be a blessed time and tried in many ways to destroy or distract us from the work. Two weeks prior to the start of camp I took the truck that we use to haul the teams in to get the oil changed and wheels aligned. The day I picked it up I stopped at theon the way home and it was stolen from the parking lot. The day that our students arrived for camp one was robbed of his phone, one had a lady try to pick his pocket and a third had money stolen from her bank account. We knew great things were about to happen. We would like to share the successes of this year through the letters of the kids that came to camp. Those that through your prayers and donations have had the opportunity to see God work in their own lives.

Entire Boot Camp making a "15" on the soccer field

Entire Boot Camp making a “15” on the soccer field

“I thank you for the camp and for the food because I sleep with food in my stomach. I also thank you for this camp because I meet lovely people here (my teammates) and overcome the fear of not having my family around.”

“I just want to say thank you very much because you have done good things for me from 2007-2013. I want to tell all the people who provide Teen Missions that we can do good things for God at all times.  And to all people who have made this camp that God will give you all things.  I want to tell you that we love you so much and I want to tell SOS (editors note: Government children’s home) thank you very much because you have brought me to a good place because now the Word of God is working for me.”


Camp nurse with her pancake ice pack for twisted ankle

Camp nurse with her pancake ice pack for twisted ankle

“Dear Dad: I am very thankful that you brought me to this camp because it has taught me a lot of things about life and how to become a missionary. By the way I have gained two fruits of the spirit–patience and self-control. There were a lot of challenges that I faced but with God’s grace I was able to defeat them. Every day when I had problems I would just read Joshua 1:9 which comforted me every now and then. The Bible said that the devil doesn’t want to see people worshiping and reading the Word of God. He gave us the courage to be strong and courageous even when it was raining and we were sleeping in the tents with wet blankets we still carried on and became strong missionaries of God, not to mention that our team won 12 souls to God. Amen.”

“Thank you for bringing me to Teen Missions, it was nice we learned many things. One thing I like at boot camp we work together as a team. We encourage one other, we respect and love and care for others.  And work in boot camp there is no boys work or girls work, we all work equally. They treat us equally and we are all special in Teen Missions.”

Church built by the teenagers on the Lion Team

Church built by the teenagers on the Lion Team

“Boot camp helped me to overcome my fears like to share the word of God with my team members. I am happy that I used the talent God gave me to sing in church. We did many things like painting, cleaning, removing grass but I enjoyed it there and we were evangelizing to the people of Lebolthwane. Some welcomed us and some didn’t but I have seen God in my life.”

“During the camp I got sick but I was able to overcome because of prayers of my team and you. I got comfort by the scripture that says “through His stripes we are healed” Isaiah 53. Beside all I have learned how to study the Word of God and to meditate upon it.”

I love being able to teach the Bible classes!

I love being able to teach the Bible classes!

“When I got to Teen Missions my bag was searched and I was sent to the chapel (I was one day late so I got my gear later). We woke up at 5:30 every morning at boot camp, debrief and the field. We ran OC (obstacle course) every day during boot camp only. I made new friends. At the field I  learned more about team work and God. We had devotions and classes every day.”

“To be honest I really enjoyed myself. I am currently in the Orioles team, the best team ever. Our team project was painting and cleaning and we were successful in all the projects. I was homesick the first 10 days of boot camp, but I really told myself that I can do all things through Christ. It doesn’t help to complain, so I held in there.”

“Mom: I would like to thank you for forcing me to come to Teen Missions. Now I understand that it was all in God’s plan. I am enjoying everything here, the OC, the classes and many friends. For our field we helped to build a church. One thing I have learned is that I am not alone, we are all a team. God has opened my eyes and now I see the world from a completely different perspective.”

Oriole team laundry time... What a blast!

Oriole team laundry time… What a blast!

We have nearly a hundred letters and it was a task to pick which ones we wanted to highlight for you. We want to thank Kgothatso, Shakinah, Hlengiwe, Kgathatso, Princess, Motsei, Andiswa, Kholofelo, and Thabang for their wonderful letters and honesty. This was the easiest and best camp that we have had since arriving here over five years ago. The kids were blessed and the pastors where they did the project time had such wonderful things to say. One group was doing open air evangelism and when they came to the invitation a man sitting at the local tavern got up and raised his hand to have someone come and lead him to the Lord. During their time on their projects the kids had 75 salvations the last week and a total of 120 salvations for the entire camp. We had 28 kids that Bridged the Gap signifying that they wish to enter into full-time ministry, some stating that they hope to be able to go overseas as missionaries. We had three students graduate BMW completing three years and commissioned four students to start their internships.Your prayers and support have made possible for a new generation to raise up and change their communities as we celebrated 15 years of ministry in our current location.

Affectionately known as Papa J and Mama K

Affectionately known as Papa J and Mama K

Lord willing we hope to visit you in the States from end of April to 1st of June to be with Brent and Alison for their wedding as well as visit as many of you all as possible. We will then travel to Florida where we will be training the first South Africa Foot washing Preteen Team. Jolie will be a team member and Joy will be a family member. More information about that next time.


Praises – Thanks for praying:

• The best boot camp EVER!

• We received funds for a used Chrysler Neon—thank you so much!



Prayer Requests – Join us in praying:

• Jenn’s neck to be healed otherwise that she can meet with the specialist in NY

this summer

• Jenn and Symp’s wedding in March

• Brent and Alison’s wedding in May

• Finances for us to return to the States for the wedding and train our preteen

team in Florida in June




Jason, Karen, Joy & Jolie

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!”


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  1. Hey!

    Just wanted to let you guys know (if you don’t already) that I will be the assistant female leader with you guys this summer!! 😀 I’m so excited to be a part of this team and for what God will accomplish! Can’t wait to see and meet you in June! 🙂

    God Bless,

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