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Нова година благословения!(Bulgarian)

Silvester Blessings!(German)

Blessun á gamlársdag!(Icelandic)

Bhliain Nua Beannachtaí!(Irish-Gaelic)

Благословения Новый год(Russian)


Благословення Новий рік! (Ukranian)


Or, as we say in English, New Year’s Blessings!! The above are translations (courtesy Google Translate) into the languages of the nations where we have led summer mission teams.

It is our hope and prayer that your Christmas celebration was a joyful time. We were blessed in that we were able to be with our youngest grandson, Andrey, for his first Christmas (as well as being with his mommy (Olga), daddy (Jason), and Uncle Azzie). They live in Upper Michigan, so we also celebrated his first birthday (Jan. 16) a bit early with him, since we won’t be there for the big day. The nice part for him is he gets two parties.

Official Christmas Photo
Official Christmas Photo

In December, Azzie moved into an apartment, so we’ve had to drain the pipes and close up our house. A neighbor is keeping an eye on things for us. We’re looking into having some needed work done on the house, but would be just as glad to sell if the price were right, as it is now more house than we really need. Know anyone who might be interested?

December 30, we drove to Indiana by way of Green Bay. We were able to spend a few hours with my brother there, who is battling cancer. It was nice to see him and to meet some of his family. The only thing that would’ve made it better would have been if his wife had been there – she had to work.

In Indiana, we spent four days with Heather, Josh, Brice and Tayler, celebrating Christmas, Heather’s 36th birthday (a little belated), and New Years. I’ll be completely honest, and this is nothing new to those of you who are parents – I simply cannot figure out how it is that 36 years have passed already! It sometimes seems only yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. The down side of our visit is that our grand daughter, Tayler, was sick and on January 1, we learned she has mononucleosis. We appreciate your prayers for her healing. Since returning to Florida, it was learned that her best friend, Jordan, also has mono, and prayers for her healing would be appreciated as well.

With the start of a New Year comes our resolution to be more diligent in the Word, in prayer, in serving the Lord in every way possible. I’m sure you’re no different than we are in this regard and pray that God will help us all to walk closer to Him day by day.

January 12, we started a new adventure. We traveled to Latacunga, Ecuador, to assist at the Teen Missions base there. We learned this just one week before the start of Christmas break, and didn’t have time to prepare before Christmas break, so our time was very busy the week after we got home. We’re scheduled to return to Florida on April 12.

Stef, Tayler, Josh, Brice Christmas 2012
Stef, Tayler, Josh, Brice Christmas 2012

I’m (Stef) scheduled to go on an AIDS Orphans and Street Children Adult Mission trip to Zimbabwe, and so I can go, that team has been postponed until April. The team will head to Zimbabwe just two days after we return from Ecuador, and I’m getting very excited about this opportunity! As a teen, I felt a strong call to missions, and to Africa in particular. The door to missions didn’t open until 1995, and now, these many years later the door to serve in Africa has opened. I am so thankful for this opportunity. To all who have contributed to my support (which is completely different than supporting my and David’s ministry with Teen Missions), thank you so much! I look forward to being your hands outstretched, meeting needs of orphans. If you haven’t been able to contribute yet, please, continue to prayerfully consider giving whatever amount you can. No amount is too small – every penny counts and God will bless every gift. They are gifts to Him – enabling me to be His hands (and yours) of love and compassion reaching out to these children.

At this writing, we’re scheduled to lead the summer team to Russia – a people and a land we love very much. While the door for the Gospel has been opened for quite a while now, we don’t know how long it will remain so, so taking the Gospel there, and especially training Russian youth to share the gospel is an important part of reaching the millions across that vast land who have yet to hear. We’ll be in the village of Krasnaya Niva, near the city of Shadrinsk, at the Teen Missions in Russia base. Our team will assist with the Boot Camp for Russian youth, and once those teams head to their projects, our team will be using sports as a vehicle for ministry to draw in youth. During breaks in the action, the Gospel will be shared. Please pray for our team members’ support, for their spiritual growth and for a burden to reach the lost – especially those of Russia. We may also have opportunities to share the Gospel in open air drama presentations. Your prayers are a crucial part of this summer ministry, so thank you for standing with us in this.

Thank you one and all for your faithfulness in prayer, in friendship, and in supporting our ministry as God directs. You are such a blessing to us and we hope and pray that God will bless you as abundantly and as generously as you bless us.

Together in His Service,

David and Stephanie Spindler

Romans 10: 14, 15

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