Kostner, Paul and Beth (Winter 2013)

Kostner Staff Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

2013–WOW! 2012 was full of fun, trials, spiritual struggles and growth, tears, lots of prayer and an amazing team to China! Our kids are older, taller and we are older—we’ll stop there. We are looking forward to what the Lord has for us in 2013. We are hoping for spiritual growth, answered prayers, faithfulness to Him and what He has called us to do and an increased awareness of how we can further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kostner FamilyOnce again, we had a wonderful Christmas holiday. We traveled up north to visit our families. It was so cold in Illinois! The kids prayed for snow and we as parents prayed just the opposite. About two inches fell the day before we arrived—just enough for the kids to have fun sledding. However, there was much more snow all around us! We also spent a few days with my parents in Chattanooga. It was good to spend time with them, especially since my dad is now home from rehab (and he is doing very well). We praise the Lord for His traveling mercies and good weather while we traveled. We are very thankful to be back to warmer weather! We didn’t get to see as many of you as we wanted, but we hope to visit in the future! A special thank you to those who sent us cards, letters and gifts. We really enjoy reading about what is going on in your lives!

Kostner kidsWe are now home and back into our routines. The kids have begun their second semesters and we are both at work. We have had over 480 registrations. This is keeping us busy, along with the other aspects of the ministry of Teen Missions.

Colton is still driving with his permit. If he improves his grades, he should be getting his license right before Boot Camp. He turns 16 this month! No, we cannot believe it either! He is planning on going on the Philippines Team this summer. The team will spend some of their time working with street children and the rest of the time repairing buildings at the Teen Missions base, as there was quite a bit of damage after the recent cyclone.

Kostner KidsDanae played JV soccer and was one of the captains. She thoroughly enjoyed it and their team did very well. She will be starting back with club soccer next month. She will turn 15 in April, so she will be getting her driving permit. Danae is going to the Philippines also. We were just as surprised as you are that she chose the same team as Colton. Please pray that they will be able to raise the needed prayer and financial support (and that they don’t kill each other…).

BJ continues to enjoy 7th grade. His soccer team recently had a tournament in Wellington and they won first place. He is thinking about running track for his school in the spring. BJ has chosen to go to Belize on the preteen team. His team will be working at a ministry doing landscaping and pouring sidewalks. This is his last preteen team and he is excited about going. If you would like to support our kids either prayerfully or financially, please fill out the coupon below.

Colton KostnerLindsay continues at the local community college and had a 3.5 GPA this past semester.

We also have another prayer request. We are getting to the point where we are thinking of getting another vehicle. The Kia Rio has been a BIG blessing, but it is getting more difficult for all five of us to fit in it since the shortest is about 5’3” (and growing rapidly!). It has been great for “around town”, but we have to rent a van when we go any distance. We have been looking at used minivans, but are hesitant to go any farther than “looking” as we don’t think we can swing it financially at this time. We know the Lord will provide in His time and honestly, it is not a “need”, but a “want” (or comfort). It is so easy to get “needs” and “wants” mixed up, especially in our society. Please pray that we will exercise wisdom in this matter.

Thank you soooo much for your faithfulness in praying for us and supporting us financially. We know it cannot be easy and that many of you are making real sacrifices so that we can do what God has called us to do. Somehow, “thank you” seems so inadequate to express what is really in our hearts.

 In Christ,


Paul, Beth, Lindsay, Colton, Danae and BJ Kostner


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