Odea, Moses (Winter 2013)

Greetings and mighty praise goes to the Lord most high Who dwells in the place of glory and Who leads you and me in our daily life. He provides us with His light and everything which we need, so we thank Him who provides us with life and the spirit of wisdom and Who allows us to live on this earth up to heaven with His light on us. So it is our duty to carry the cross which He has given unto us by sending our Lord Jesus so that the glory which He has for us will be done in us as it was in the beginning and forever and ever shall be in the kingdom of God.


Me and Moses Ocen digging foundation for the bathroom block

Me and Moses Ocen digging foundation for the bathroom block

Friend, I draw close to you from now as you are my friend until we are in heaven in the Kingdom of God. It is my heart’s desire to be working together with you so that everything which I am doing I have help in you. It is the time that God has made for you and me to work together. So friend, high thanks to you for the love of God which is living in you.


I am called Odea, Moses. I am 27 years old and I am a Ugandan. The district which I am from is called Amolatar. This is the district land which my parents are living in. In our family, we are seven children by name: Acola Kitty, Odea Moses, Acen Lydia, Atino Eunice, Ocola Betty, Akidi Dorcus and Alwedo Sarah. My father is called Eling Johnson and my mother is called Kevin Johnson. Friend, in our home country village where my parents and sisters are living, they are sleeping in the house of grass which is made of soil as it is temporary, but we did not use the cement to complete it. My parents did not have the money to buy it because of being in a refugee camp for two years. After this, we moved to Amolatar where the mud house is built. This is the place where my six sisters and my mother and father are living since the year 2000. On May 14, 2000, we were in the camp because Joseph Kony went and destroyed all our houses with everything and killed about 40 people around our area. That night we were sleeping in the bush with our family and that is why my family is still living so far away from where I am now. Sometime, if God will open for us the way, we will not be the same as it is today and the work of God will go on well. All this friend is my cry for your prayer for us for the open door.


Digging a septic with the HoJ kids

Digging a septic with the HoJ kids

Friend, God has called me in this ministry of Teen Missions International (TMI) on the December 5,2008 up to now. So for two years I was in the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW). After that I joined the work of ministering to the orphans at House of Justice Aids Orphans and Street Children Rescue Unit. I am working with 250 orphans, teaching them how to dig (planting crops), carpentry work, and building. Also, I am teaching them with the Words of God so that they can grow and know the love of God and His truth.


Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for my family members, that God will protect them and provide

them with food and a good house.

2. Pray for me, that God open for me the door of support as I do this ministry.

3. Pray for me, that God will give me a God-fearing lady to be my wife.

4. Pray for my spiritual life.

5. Pray for the 250 orphans, that they will give their life to Christ and let

God take control of their life.


Thank you for the love you have for me and this nation. I hope God will reward you and keep you with all this. Thank you so much for being my friend.


Odea, Moses


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