Australian Boot Camp Mission Trip Reports —12/12

Mission Trip Testimonies from the Australia Boot Camp

To God be the glory for these trip reports from Teen Missions overseas base in Australia

reported by Mike Reilly

Summer Highlights from the teams in their own words       (US editor: some text edited for readability)


Our main project was working on a drug rehab site and surrounds. The team completed a mile long fence and a gravel road. We also worked for Scripture Union Hostel in Athens doing painting and landscaping. We had great opportunities for sightseeing the Parthenon, historic ruins and tombs in Athens, plus the opportunity to sing choruses and songs in the town square and do some evangelizing too. Unfortunately the Holy Lands segment of our team was cancelled because of warfare in the area – this extended our time in Greece.

Chilechile australian mission trip workChile

After completing Boot Camp we flew to Chile and were able to start on our work assignment. The Church folk were so welcoming to us on arrival with a great Chilean meal. Our planned work included landscaping outside the Church, plus painting, floor tiling etc – by God’s grace we were able to transfer the Church building into a Church home. We had the privilege of working with local children with songs, games, drama and testimonies from the young people in our team. It was a great time of fellowship and fun with the people, sharing testimonies of how our God loves them and wants them to love Him too.


We worked in a garden to feed the Bible school students so we were able to do weeding, ploughing, sowing maize seeds (and see them germinate) and planting of a thorn bush fence. We helped run some children’s programs with orphans, visited a hospital and a school to present a program to the 600 students. An invitation was given to accept Christ and many accepted. It was wonderful to attend an African-style church and be able to praise God with them.
We may not have gone right into the heart of Africa, but we definitely left part of our hearts in Africa.

South_KoreaSouth Korea School

On arrival in South Korea we expected it to be cold – it was freezing cold – even snow!  We visited children’s centres, a hospital and even a soup kitchen where for an equivalent of about 10 cents, people could come and get a hot meal. We travelled about 4 hours to our first English vision camp – the missionary explained these camps are help teach the children English and about God – it was so much fun to teach Bible stories and see children become more confident in their English and want to give their hearts to Christ.  We saw God at work in our lives to build us up and use us to help many children find Christ. The cultural experience all up was fantastic and a productive way to spend our summer with God.

Cook_Islandscook islands australian mission tripCook Islands

Highlights included getting to know the missionaries and staff at YWAM and worshipping with them each morning, learning to dance (cultural) and snorkel at the beautiful beach. We spent New Year’s Eve worshipping and praising God on the beach shore. We also experienced a Cross Island hike, sleeping under the stars, cultural markets, treasure hunting, three days spent loving and serving the kids campers, Friday night service with games, where teens lead with 2 salvations. We Completed 12 bunk beds, KP relationship building and going into town.  He had showers and an awesome kitchen, the blessing of being given some bread, watermelon, coconuts and taro was  also wonderful.

Soloman_IslandsSolomon Islands

Our summer serving the Lord has been marvellous, some of the team accepted the Lord as their personal Saviour at Boot Camp and this makes all the difference in one’s life. We stayed at Saura Bible College and the project was to assist in renovations and building. The team was able to dig holes, lay bricks, pour concrete and paint. On Sundays we visited local churches, blessing the people with dramas, puppets, songs and testimonies of having Christ in our life; some boys preached sermons.

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