Petersen, Doug & Barb (Spring 2013)

Petersen DB Staff Newsletter

Dear Family and friends,

Zambia 2013As we say here in Zambia, “We greet you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”  We are so blessed to be able to live and work in Zambia.  It is a tremendous privilege to be called into ministry for our Lord Jesus Christ.  We just want to thank and praise our Heavenly Father for His goodness and faithfulness.  We also say a big thank you again to you for blessing us with prayer and support which makes it possible for us to serve Jesus.  

Some Highlights:

Zambia Well 2013

Digging the Well

New Well:  We are so grateful to donors who helped get the new well dug on our Ndola base.  We have been paying for city water but now we will be using our own water.  We really praise the Lord for the good supply that they found.  As they drilled, they went through rock before hitting the water.  Zambia is full of minerals and gems so we really looked carefully at the debris but we didn’t find any treasures.  Most important of all, we have water!

New truck coming:  We have received money from a very special donor that started a truck fund.  Teen Missions has added to that money and we are ready to buy another good used truck for the ministry.  The roads here take a toll on the vehicles.  We have had some times when we were running trucks with bad steering and bad brakes (in spite of having mechanics work on them over and over again).  So you can imagine how blessed and grateful we are for this gift.


Zambia 2013Story 1: We see our graduates continually blessing the people at their outposts. They handle many difficult situations that even we, their teachers, have not faced. Calvin, a grad who is now a Circuit Rider, saved a 6 year old from drowning in the stream. The lad was so excited to hear the motorcycle coming for Sunday School that as he was running he slipped off the bridge that was overflowing with water and fell into the deep stream. Calvin, hearing all of the screaming and crying, hopped off of his bike,  came running, jumped in, pulled the boy out and did first aid. It took one hour for him to become conscious.  His life was saved.

Story 2: Mike Monze, a graduate from BMW, is married to Queen.  They are at the William Orr Memorial Rescue Unit in Luswishi.  They had an emergency medical case in the middle of the night.  It was a lady in labor with the baby’s hand presenting. The man had walked two hours with her on a bike to reach the Unit.   There was nothing Queen or Mike could do for them except pray.  They decided to stretch out a folding chair. (It looks a bit like a deck chair.)  They made a “bed” out of it and tied it to the bike so the mother could lie down. Then they gave them 70,000 Kwatcha of their own money ($15 US).  The man began to push the lady on the bike toward St. Mary’s Clinic which is about another 4 hours. Queen was so distraught and concerned for the lady that she labored in prayer all the rest of the night for the safety of the baby and the mother, praying that they would not die.  Mike spent the night praying for Queen since she was so upset, also wanting God to please help them.  Mike and Queen went to church the next morning and the whole church continued interceding.  Finally, they received the news at the church that the mother had been taken to Kitwe Hospital.  That had required another two hour drive.  It was a miracle because St. Mary’s Clinic doesn’t ever provide transportation for people.  But probably because Mike had sent the money and it was a dire situation, they made this exception.  The baby was delivered with a C-section and the baby and the mother were both fine.  Everyone greatly rejoiced!

Lives are being saved all of the time by the God of the BMW graduates. They are in the right place at the right time so often.  They are dearly loved by the people that they serve. To God be the Glory.

Zambia 2013Story 3:  There are also many being rescued spiritually.  Last night, ten of the students returned from a three day break.  In telling about their time at home they testified of 7 people receiving Jesus.  Also this weekend there was a crusade run by a former Bible School graduate.  It was in the bush in a very hard Muslim area.  Doug had been asked to preach and he used an interpreter.  It looked like almost everyone in the crowd stood to receive Jesus.  There were probably 200 rural villagers who responded. They told us afterwards that only 30 of the people attending were from the local church who already knew Jesus.  For the rest, it would have been their first time to pray to receive Jesus as their Savior. To God be the Glory!  This is just a taste of recent events in the last few weeks.

Next, we are heading into another Boot Camp in a week or so.  This will be held in Funda, a remote area about 4 hours from Ndola.  This Boot Camp will be mainly for orphans from the Rescue Units and teens from the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission outreach.  We believe God will do a mighty work in these teens.

We can’t say it enough to express how much we appreciate your standing with us.  Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together.

In His Harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen

Matt. 6:33  Gal. 2:20  


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