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Shrock Staff Newsletter

Welcome to the exciting times going on in our ministry and family that seem to follow a “W” theme with things being wonderful, wild or wishful.

Shrock 2013WONDERFUL weddings are what this year is bringing us. On March 8th, our daughter, Jennifer, married a wonderful man from South Africa that she met at our Boot Camp. It was an amazing wedding and the Pastor that married them said that in 21 years of performing weddings, he has never attended one like this. It was a mix of American and traditional African. Our son in law is named Nkuleleko Sympathy Ndlovu and comes from the Xhosa tribe, so some of their traditions were added to the ceremony. As part of those traditions, the aunts give the bride a new name, so our daughter is now Nozuko Jennifer Ndlovu. We can’t wait to show as many of you as possible the pictures. One American tradition that was new for the Pastor that he loved was the rehearsal dinner. He said it was amazing to get together and meet the family in an informal setting. They traditionally rehearse only the dancing as they enter and then run home to prepare for the next day. May 4th is our next big day. Our son, Brent, is going to be marrying his sweetheart, Alison. We will be making the trip home to take part and can’t wait to see what this next ceremony entails. We are so excited for our grown children and the wonderful partners the Lord has found for them.

 Shrock 2013Another wonderful in our life right now is a young lady named Mmantwa. She has HIV/AIDS and TB and is struggling with her health. We were walking around our area and met the mother who invited us to come and pray over her. We have been making trips weekly and providing the family with a special porridge that is vitamin enhanced for people that have diseases which cause them to waste away. She has been taking the E-pap porridge for almost a month now and is able to walk on her own. She has gained some weight to her body which had looked like a skeleton and has a smile on her face when we come. Her dream at this point is to be able to walk to our base (half a mile) to attend our Thursday Bible study.

Shrock 2013WILD is definitely the three volunteers that have invaded our base. Alex Graham is from Broadway Christian Church and came for our daughter’s wedding. He asked that since he gets a three month visa when he enters the country if he could stay and volunteer. We agreed and he is very much enjoying himself. He has already learned more of the local language than Karen and I. He is a nut! The students love him and his energy, but I believe the Motorcycle Sunday School Ministry kids love him more. He will jump around and play, sing or do puppets for them. We are so thankful for his enthusiasm to serve the Lord.

Our other two wilds are the one-year volunteers that came here from Malawi. Chelsea Wininger and Lorraine Maxwell were serving there but their visas were expiring and they decided to finish their time in South Africa. They were in the deep bush so we’ve been having much fun at their expense. The reverse culture shock that they are going through has been so funny to the students. For example, one of their first questions when they arrived was how far do we have to walk to the mill to get our grain ground. Piet and I smiled and said to the nearest store where it is in a nice little bag for us. They also asked how many miles do we walk to get to a shop to buy snacks and toiletries. Again we smiled and said about 200 yards to the small shop. They were so used to being so far out that you had to walk miles to get to any type of service. They about went crazy when I picked them up at the airport and treated them to McDonalds on the way home.

Shrock 2013Teaching at our Bible, Missionary & Work training school is definitely wild. Karen has been teaching Music class and I have been teaching Synthesis (1 Samuel through Esther) this term. We have really enjoyed the challenge and joy of people so ready and willing to absorb whatever is given to them. Last week, for example, Karen challenged them to make a hand-made instrument for extra credit. Not only did nearly everyone make an instrument, they actually formed an impromptu band and performed for us. The next day I was doing a class on Nehemiah, so I gave them 45 minutes to prepare a skit that presents an overview of the book. They did a great job and had us all laughing. The staff had to take a break to come and see their stellar performances.

Shrock 2013We are WISHFUL—while home we will travel to Florida to train a group of 10-13 year olds to come to South Africa for a mission outreach. This is a foot washing team, so we will be traveling with hundreds of pairs of shoes to give to orphans or underprivileged children around us. As part of this trip, they agree to travel with only the clothes they are wearing and a small backpack. Their normal luggage is full of shoes. Once in South Africa, we will take them to a shop to get jackets and a few clothes to wear. We are excited to show these youth that having a good pair of shoes to wear is a luxury in many places. South Africa is more privileged than many of the African countries, but we still have areas that struggle for even the basic necessities. For many kids, they may have a pair of black dress shoes that are for school but go barefoot the rest of the time as they cannot afford to have a pair that they can wear daily. When we go to our MSSM stops, we are continually bandaging up cuts. We pray they will gain a new perspective about their own lives and how blessed we are to have grown up in North America. They will travel with us to Thabazimbe and Kwamhlanga to see the villages there and pass out the shoes. The Pastors in these areas work with a lot of kids, so they are very excited to have us come. Jolie will be a team member and Joy will be coming as a family member. They both need to raise $2,000 each for the team costs. If you would like to partner with them by praying or giving, please fill out the coupon below and mail to Teen Missions.


Two wonderful weddings of our grown children-Jenn & Brent

For God’s provision of volunteers, interns and staff to help with the growing ministry in South Africa


Safety and God’s leading on our summer team

Wisdom for the doctor working on Jenn’s neck in June and that she will be totally healed

Return of our stolen truck or provision of a new minibus to transport students and Boot Camp teams

Have a wild and wonderful summer serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Jason, Karen, Jolie & Joy Shrock

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!”

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