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Greetings To All My Family and Friends!

Well team, here we are in the fourth month of the New Year. WOW—one-third of the year is gone. What is going on in the life of your missionary and team member— Loretta Smith?

Loretta home 2013

New Dig’s

In January I moved to my new digs and have finally settled in. The yard is looking better—it helps to put those solar lights around the yard as they really add to the place at night. February brought me some help in the Missionary Barrel when Rae Marcy, an 18 year old from Portland, Oregon, came with her parents to volunteer for two months. What a blessing Rae was to me! She is an organizer and hard worker and now she is going to be a team leader to Italy this summer and will attend our Bible school next winter.

March brought the end of the Public Speech class I have been teaching. I was not ready for it to end. I really loved watching the young people grow in their self confidence and presentation skills. All passed the course and that was a relief to both them and me.





It was an interesting month. Not only did I turn 69, but there was a battle going on in my body, or was it over my body, not sure what or who was in charge of things. For weeks I felt light headed, body sort of floating around, no energy and that’s not me on all three counts. I ended up in ER for six hours, and mostly I’m in good shape, except the high blood pressure that they monitored for the six hours. Normal for me is around 112/68 but I was 186/99 and pretty much stayed there for the six hours. So I was told to see a doctor within 3-5 days. I was trying to find a doctor for weeks but here in “snowbird country” during the winter, no one would see me. Well, I stopped eating the ¼ cup of salt I was ingesting daily (love that salty taste) and by the end of the week, I was down to 112/78 and feeling much better.

Anyway, during the week, on my birthday no less, I punctured a vein in my shin area and watched, stunned, as my heartbeat was pushing out blood two feet in front of me, then I realized that’s my red stuff, so applied pressure and the crew put me in the loader bucket and drove me up to the office. I elevated the leg and there was never a bruise or any soreness. Yes, I went to a walk-in clinic and got my tetanus shot and some antibiotics.

TMI TruckLately it seems as if the equipment has started breaking down around me. It’s been a battle here to get the work done. We have almost 700 kids signed up for the summer trips and this is the time of year to set up Big Tops tents and prep the Lord’s Boot Camp, so the enemy isn’t as excited as we are trying to get the work done.

We have had many work groups that stay a week and work for room and board. This week, we have homeschoolers from Atlanta, Georgia, and most of the 30 people are kids that are 7-13 years. They are painting, doing cleanup of work areas and loving to be of help–and helpers they are!




Food Warehouse


Today I pulled up the tomato plants. Armadillos and raccoons were eating the fruit while it was still green so they won, sort of. I still got about two dozen nice tomatoes off the plants and have two dozen sitting in the window at home. I’ve also been hauling mulch-type compost to the property for the last three weeks. It’s a 160 mile round trip to get the stuff and I try to do two trips a day, two days a week. One day, on my second round as I was emptying the dump trailer of mulch, the trailer fell off the hitch….Lord Jesus thank-you for getting me home safe and letting it happen on the base where we could get the large equipment to lift the full trailer back onto the truck…our God is sooo good!

Well, plans have changed for my summer location. Instead of Ohio, I’ll be in Evansville, Indiana with one of the three Tabernacle’s that we display. I’ll give tours, do promotion and I’ll be at a youth outreach camp. So on Saturday nights, I’ll be involved in the TTT (called Triple T) youth outreaches. Also, one of the Teen Missions teams will be headquartered on the same property, so that will make it homey. The team will be there for four weeks, working the Tri-State fairs in evangelism through puppets, music, mime, skits and personal testimonies. I leave base on the 1st of May and will stop by my mom’s on the way to TTT. I’ll be about 3 1/2 hours from mom so I can go see her more often than once every two months.



Enclosed are pictures that I have taken during these last few months. I hope they tell more of the story of what is happening with our team here in Florida and around the world. Remember, you are the biggest part of the team by your prayers, and financial support. Thank you to all for remembering me and meeting my needs. God has a plan for each one of us and you are a part of the plans that He has for this ministry.

Love to all and remember to “look up for your redemption draweth nigh.” He is coming folks!

Your sister and friend,

Loretta Smith

II Corinthians 9:10- Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteous.

Loretta 2013


Prayer Requests:

1 That I learn to read my body better and listen to His instructions.

2 That the Lord helps me to deliver His gospel story in the Tabernacle


3 That I am able to be a team partner with those I’ll be working with at TTT.

Mailing address till Oct.1, 2013

TTT Christian Youth Ministries

13000 US 41 N.

Evansville, IN  47725

My cell # 541-991-2331 e-mail [email protected]


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