Yost, Bob & Paula (Spring 2013)

Yost Staff Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

Yost & BiceSummer, along with summer teams, is approaching faster than we think. Even though it’s only early April, we already have most of our Big Top tents up and are well on our way to having everything put inside—rows and rows of chairs, storage boxes and stages. In the Finance Dept. gold envelopes full of contributions for our summer missionaries are pouring in. One of my jobs is to final proof the data entries that are made, making sure that the donor information is correct and that it goes to the right person. Bob is working on getting all the notebooks and other literature ready for the U.S. teams, as well as the literature requests that are made by our overseas bases. Many thanks to our winter volunteers who help him get the job done.

Another of my finance jobs is to audit the finance reports that are sent in by our overseas bases. Most recently, I’ve been working on the Zimbabwe books and will be moving on to Cameroon next. I have a helper now, Cathy Bice—new to staff this year. She has been a big help to me, entering totals into a summary spreadsheet for each country and writing notes of things out of the ordinary that she finds. It helps me get the actual audit done a lot faster, so hopefully the audits will be more helpful to our overseas staff.

At this time, we are scheduled to be summer staff. I will be working in the Finance Dept. as usual, especially during the Lord’s Boot Camp. Pray with us that God will provide the prayer support and financial support that our summer missionaries need to go on their summer teams. Bob will lead a Peanut Team (7-9 year olds) teaching them building and evangelism skills. We are both going to be doing Tabernacle tours for the summer teams and any visitors and volunteers that would like to learn more about the Old Testament Tabernacle.

After Boot Camp, I will be cooking for the summer staff and four Debriefs. In mid-August, we are supposed to go to Columbus, OH, to take care of and do tours of the Tabernacle replica that will be set up at Brown Road Community Church. Come for a tour and for a visit.

Circuit Rider PhotoOne of our newest groups is the Circuit Riders, a musical group made up of Bible school graduates and former team members. They will be traveling around the U.S. over the next year and sharing the ministry of Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) in churches. The group is quite talented musically, each playing several instruments and singing. Many of the songs they sing were composed by Howard Vanderpool, former staff and now a “retired” volunteer. We’ve been blessed to have them sing in our morning chapel. This week they added puppet skits to their repertoire. We will be hosting the group at our local church, at a potluck, at the end of the month. I’m looking forward to sharing them with our church family.

MSSM follows in the style of old-fashioned circuit preachers of the past, taking the light of the Gospel to those waiting to hear, via motorcycles instead of horses. Sunday schools are used as a means to tell others about the love of Jesus.

At this time there are 125 Sunday schools in seven different African countries, reaching more than 5,000 children and adults each week. We plan to expand into other parts of the world—Asia, Central and South America—with this same program. Following are a couple stories of how lives are affected and more people are reached for Jesus.



Our prayer to the Lord has always been that God will help us identify gifts in the lives of the kids we are ministering to. In the passion for singing, our Circuit Rider formed some choir groups. The choir group at this village is called “Jerusalem Choir.” The kids have been singing so well that the nearby school invited them to sing Christian songs for them. Now word has gone out that our group is doing well in singing; other churches in the area are inviting this group to sing in their churches. This has given our kids an opportunity to lead others to Christ.


Attendance at this Sunday School has been such an encouragement to the teachers and the villagers. Sunday School attendance was 193 and 190 were present for the Literacy Class. Besides the children, there is one elderly woman who never misses a single Sunday School. She said, “No matter how I feel, I’ll attend Sunday School.” She doesn’t want to be left out or miss a single lesson. She can attend church, but if she doesn’t attend Sunday School, she says, “my week is incomplete.” She also said that MSSM brought peace to her mind and to her home. She is thankful for the opportunity to learn each week and for the many workers the Lord has sent there to minister to her community.

God is at work around the world and allows us to be a part of His work and His blessing. Isn’t God wonderful?!

Servants in Christ,

Bob and Paula Yost

955 Butia St., Merritt Island, FL 32953

[email protected]


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