Aronson, Emery & Linda (Spring 2013)

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Aronson 2013We have about 671 registered for this year. The teens are sending in their money. Please pray for those who are still lacking funds and are not sure where it will come from. God uses this time to test the team members’ faith, as well as their parents’, so they can see how God will work His miracles starting with support and getting the other supplies that are needed. God is in control!

Emery has been working on the new driveway at the Boot Camp entrance. It is amazing to see what all has to be done to make the “government” happy with all the permits needed. Then there are all the details of how to pour cement and at what level everything has to be at. It is good to have that driveway again.

Aronson 2013We have been blessed by having many work groups and some volunteers this winter. They have helped by getting the Big Top tents up and doing many things to get ready for Boot Camp. This is such a big help to get these things done since the staff have all of their daily work that has to be done in order to keep the ministry going.

Our three life-size Old Testament Tabernacles will be going up in Evansville, IN at TTT Ministries, in Columbus, Ohio at Brown Road Community Church, and one here in Florida at Teen Missions. The Tabernacles are a great witness to how the Old and New Testaments go together and relate to each other. The small donations received from those who tour it help with running the AIDS Orphans Rescue Units.

Aronson 2013Some of our overseas base coordinators come to Florida for our Boot Camps. When they come they bring back finance records that have to be sorted through and then it’s up to us to determine how much will be needed over the next few months or year. It is a lot of work since we have about 15 other bases that need finances. I work with International Operations (the Director’s office) to get everything together and finalized.

Joseph is working three days a week at the zoo with a new exhibit called sand sculptures—sand art in all different kinds of shapes, animals, and wildlife scenes. He still really enjoys volunteering at the zoo.

Aronson 2013In March we had a birthday party at McDonalds for Aiden who turned 1 the 21st. I think big sister had more fun helping him unwrap presents. Ava, as you can see, likes to have her picture taken (Oh my, what will she be like at 16?). When Hunter, the puppy, gets excited he has to have a time out in the pen and Ava likes to make sure he is OK.

It looks like the Mustard Seeds Team is going to have a lot of kids this year. So far we already have 21 kids registered and hope to have more. We may have to go to three teams and that is very exciting to think we have so many. This year the theme is Cowboy Camp. The corral under the big top is looking more like the wild west every day. Pray that the program will have an impact in these little lives.

Aronson 2013Thank you for your faithful prayers and support that allow us to serve the Lord here with Teen Missions.

The Aronsons


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