Bauman, Adam & Amyann (Spring 2013)


Dearest Family and Friends,

Bauman 2013

The Couple

We want to start this letter by giving all glory to God for all the great things He has done in our lives and by saying thank you to everyone who gave time and/or gifts to help make our wedding and house into something wonderful. You all mean so much to us, and we are so grateful for all the support everyone of you give us each month through prayer and finances. You really do make a huge difference in blessing our lives and ministry. We wish every single one of you could have been at the wedding. For those of you who were not there, it was a wonderful day that neither of us could ever forget. We waited until the wedding to kiss one another for the first time. I am telling you, it was well worth the wait! After the wedding, we were able to visit with the Bauman side of the family for a few days before going on our cruise. It was the best honeymoon I could have imagined.


Bauman Pregnancy

Pregnancy Test #6

Both of us wrote in our last newsletter about how we will be going to Malawi to run the bases there. Well, God had other things in store for us. There has been a change of plans because I made a promise to my mother-in-law that I would not deliver her first grandbaby in Africa. So in order for me to keep that promise, we are staying in Florida and continue helping with the work here. Yes, I am pregnant and we are expecting a baby in December. We could not be more excited! We know that God has great things in store for our new family and we are simply trusting and obeying as God brings us down this new adventure of life.


Bauman Wedding

Wedding Party

As we wait for our new baby to arrive, we will help around the Lord’s Boot Camp. Adam will be leading a team of 7-9 years olds in our Peanut program this summer for about a week. After the Peanuts leave, he will be helping with all the different things that need to be done around Boot Camp like teaching classes and doing whatever Teen Missions needs him to do. While he is doing that, I will be helping teach puppet class, God willing, for as long as I am physically able to.




Bubba’s Watchful Eye

The past couple weeks I have been having the typical signs of pregnancy like nausea and fatigue. Hopefully by the time Boot Camp comes along, I will start feeling better. Please pray that the pregnancy goes well and that the baby will stay healthy. Puppet class is one of my favorite ways of ministering to the kids at Boot Camp because it is a good way for me to be able to encourage the teams in my class and help them have a little bit of fun while they learn a way to minister to others.

Bauman Kiss

First Kiss

Adam has been doing well and is excited to be a daddy. He has been such an amazing husband. Our hope and prayer is that we will be a mirror of God’s love to others and that we will be able to lead any children the Lord gives us with wisdom and disciplined love.

We pray a blessing over you as you have been such a blessing to us. Thank you again for all your prayer and support.

With Joy,

Adam and Amyann


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