Reilly, Mike & Rena (Spring 2013)


Dear Friends and Family,

Commissioning Service

Commissioning Service

I’m in the Book of Job as I read through the Bible. I am truly amazed at how Job blessed God even with all that had happened to him. I cannot imagine how much faith that man had and still praised God or as it says “fell on the ground and worshiped”. I can barely do that with the few life disappointments that come my way. This year, we have had a few. I think it was the most frustrating year we have ever had with the let downs and workload. Yet God has shown me His grace and blessings through it all. I would like to share some of those victories despite the trials.



Prayer for studentsOver a year ago in November the staff couple who helped us get the school accredited left their staff positions. They left just before Boot Camp and we were at a loss as to who was going to teach their classes as well as ours. We depended upon them greatly—we were not sure how we would cope. But this past year and a half God sent us a lot of short-term volunteers to fill in the gap. Just when we were flooded with work and the stress was starting to get to us, someone would drive up and ask if they could help. When we needed another car as ours was dying, a former student came by and brought us another used car to help get us by. When we were overwhelmed with all the Bible school classes workload, a lady drove up and said she saw our sign by the road and was wondering if we had a school here and if we needed teachers. She was right on time as we had just lost our Old Testament Survey teacher. Some victories we are still waiting to see come about. Like India—we had to cancel two programs and the new Burma program because of inappropriate actions of the staff. We are working with and praying that God will restore them. Please pray for them. Also, in the Philippines, the staff there are having a hard time. Some accusations have been flying around about them, some true, but blown out of proportion, and others were not, but added to the fire. But by your prayers, we have most everything resolved and addressed for God’s glory. It is a mess that seems to happen to the body of Christ around the world. Our focus gets off of the work He calls us to do and we start doing “good things” that are not part of God’s “thing”. Now this is the very short version of the year. You do not want to hear the long version as it would be a book.

Hazard Reduction

Michael does hazard reduction burn before a hot fire season

God would even give us some warnings before we got in trouble. Like Michael and I did some control burns. We burned off about a third of our property, on the northeast side, as it was the thickest and it had not been burned off for a very long time. We did it at the end of winter so it was what they called a cool burn (verses a hot burn that kills the trees). It allows the trees and wildlife a chance to recoup before fire season comes (a place of refuge if a fire comes). And it did! We had massive fires around us all the way up to Boot Camp. Tens of thousands of acres of prime forestland were destroyed, but not ours as it was green and full of wildlife. Then after the fire, floods came, and in a matter of 12 hours it all changed. We finished Debrief a day early—I was watching the weather reports and the cyclone came and it was the worst flooding ever. But by Gods grace, we got everyone out and home just moments before they closed the roads.




Former Team Members Reunion Easterfest

Former Team Members Reunion Easterfest

The fruits of your prayers since going it alone:

2790 salvations in a year.

Over 90 committed their lives to full-time Christian service.

Ran two Boot Camps with 12 teams of teens. They built churches,

schools, clinics, taught English as a second language and started

work on a property for a homeless shelter. They went to Korea,

Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Turkey, China, Tonga, Zimbabwe,

Kenya, Nepal, Cook Islands, Greece, and Chile.

Rena lead two teams of ladies to Zambia. We started supporting

another Rescue Unit in Wangabashi

Received Government recognition and full accreditation for our Bible

school allowing a Diploma in Biblical Studies and Missions. We will

soon hand out our first diplomas.

Attended (or should I say lived through) another Easterfest with 35,000

plus teens.

Boot Camp Member make 25 for 25 year and 26 Boot Camp held

Boot Camp Member make 25 for 25 year and 26 Boot Camp held

Hosted 40 plus youth and family camps at our property.

Continued work on the new wash area septic system and it is almost


Started another year of Bible school with a fresh batch of seven


Starting work on the next big project—a 5070 square foot chapel for

the camps to use. At present, we do not have any enclosed area for

the camp groups to meet in.

Rena fixing ball in Zambia

Rena fixing ball in Zambia

Thanks for your prayers. Now if Rena and I can do this through your prayers, can you image when God answers the prayers for more staff how much more we could get done. Thanks for your teamwork.

In Christ,

The Reillys

Eph. 6:10-18

P.S. Katie Rose is graduating on May 3. She will be coming home with Rena on May 6. Then there is this guy coming with them to see Mike. The guy likes Katie Rose. Pray for the guy.

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