Bobb, Shannon & Vikki (Spring 2013)

Bobb Staff Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

Bobb 2013Summer is approaching so quickly this year! I can’t believe that in less than two months our team will arrive, and we will begin our training to go to Panama. We have 23 team members signed up so far! We are especially excited that we may be leading with two past team members from our Samoa Team in 2010! Our project is on a small island located a mile off the coast of Panama. We will travel by boat for about four hours along the coast to reach this island. The people there are native Kuna Indians. Please pray as we prepare for this team that God will instill us with wisdom, compassion and discernment and that He would divinely protect this team. We will be in a very remote location.

Our family enjoyed a brief time of reunion when Taylor came home for 10 days in February during the Chinese New Year. It was so good to have her home and to hear about her students in China.

From Taylor in China

Taylor ChinaI am amazed by my students every single day.  Their progress since the first day of school is truly astounding.  I love reminding them how far they have come since the beginning of school. As they learn more English they start to ask more questions.  

Many times in the last month they have asked me questions about God, Heaven, or things about Christianity.  We use a Christian curriculum at the school so there are many times in our reading books where God is mentioned.  It allows me to be able to explain the concepts to them and I love it!  Just yesterday one of the stories in our reading book was the story of Moses.  It started with his birth and how Pharaoh was killing all of the baby boys and ended by saying that God chose Moses when he was a baby because he knew he would grow to be a great leader of God’s people.  I asked the students to tell me their favorite part of the story.  Many of them liked how Moses’ mother used the bulrushes and tar to make a small boat for Moses to escape in.  When they asked me my favorite part I told them that I loved the ending.  I explained to them that just like Moses, God had chosen each and every one of them to be at TLC and to be in our class.  I told them that God has a plan for their life and maybe they will even be like Moses.  This brought on many more questions.  It was just awesome to get to talk openly with them about why I believe what I believe.  

Bobb 2013On another occasion Heaven was mentioned in our story.  Of course they all wanted to know what Heaven is.  I could have talked for hours 🙂 When I explained it to them in simple terms they all wanted to know how you get to go! Praise the Lord! I am SO thankful for their curious minds and the ability to plant seeds in their hearts.  Pray for these precious children and their families.  Many of them do not have Christian parents and have never even heard of Jesus. I am so thankful that each and every one of them was placed in my path for a reason. What a blessing to be their teacher!

Canaan will be starting his senior year of college in the fall. He is hoping to serve in Russia after he graduates. He is also considering going to Seminary and wants to be in full-time ministry. We are so proud of Canaan and Taylor for following God’s leading at all costs. We are so undeserving of God’s blessings in our lives, but so very thankful for his mercy and grace!!!

Bobb 2013Shannon and I have been very busy with our new responsibilities here at Teen Missions. He will leave the first week of May and travel to Columbus, Ohio to set up one of the Old Testament Tabernacles at Brown Road Community Church off of Frank Road. He will be the only staff person going up to do set up, so he is relying on volunteers to aid in the work. If you have time available May 6-10, he would love to share his blessing with you! Contact Teen Missions and we will give you more details!   Also, this Tabernacle will open for tours in May.  If you would like to tour our Tabernacle, the information is on the back of this letter.  

Working with the 20 Bible School students we have here is such a blessing. They are an amazing group of young people and a joy to serve with. Please pray for these students as they serve on teams and as summer staff this summer. We have eight graduating this term and have at least 11 new students confirmed to come in the fall.   

Bobb 2013The Big Tops are up and preparations are underway for Boot Camp! It’s hard to believe that it is so close. The staff are now praying 24 hours a day for 1000 hours in preparation for the teams that will be sent out this summer. We have almost 700 young people registered on 30 teams traveling to 23 countries around the world! Pray for these young people for spiritual growth, financial support, a missionary burden, good health, traveling safety. Please also pray for team unity and that each and every person comes “with a mind to work.” So built we the wall and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof, for the people had a mind to work. Nehemiah 4:6

In closing, we thank you so much for being such an encouragement to us! We are so blessed to share our ministry with everyone of you! Please keep our family in prayer this summer as we serve in Panama, Russia and China! Your prayers sustain us!!

Bobb 2013In Christ,

The Bobb Family


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