Chimbila, Nelson & Maggie (Spring 2013)

Chimbila Staff Newsletter

We send our greetings to you from East Africa, Uganda, “The Pearl of Africa”. 2013 started very well with many blessings even though I (Maggie) and our son, Praise, were sick. But as for now, we are all doing well. The Lord, our Ebenezar, has been gracious to us during the time we have been here in Uganda. In February we applied for the work permit which we thought was going to take long before it was approved. To the glory of God, we were approved in March and were given a three-year permit. Normally, when you are getting the work permit for the first time, they will give you no more than two years. We have been in Uganda for 10 months and the Lord has been there for us. From January to April, we experienced God’s blessings in many ways. Around the same time, the NGO certificate was renewed which allows the ministry of Teen Missions to operate in Uganda.

We currently have 15 students in our Bible school and five of them will be graduating in May and will begin their internships. Some students are from Tanzania and will go back there to do internships with their respective churches.

We have some projects here at the base which are part of training for the school. We have the gardens and goat project. The students are not only doing physical work, but also spiritual. As a school and ministry, we also do ministry on Fridays. Friday afternoons, we send three students to different schools  where they share the Word of God.

Chimbila 2013Our baby girl, Promise, turned four on the 5th of April. She is growing in wisdom and in stature. In January this year, she started school in middle class. The name of her school is called “THE GREAT SALVATION PRE AND DAY CARE NURSERY SCHOOL”. We want to thank those of you who have committed themselves to support our daughter in her school costs. May  GOD bless you and shower you with many more blessings. Be encouraged that THE HAND THAT GIVETH IS ALWAYS ON TOP.

Sometime in March, Nelson visited the base in Tanzania and had a wonderful time with some former students who were trained at the Uganda BMW. The visit was fruitful and worthy.

Our baby boy, Praise, will be two years old on the 29th of April. The boy loves to work with Daddy. We have started to see another missionary in the house.

This term I am teaching Spiritual Life I and Nelson is teaching Synthesis I. Having the opportunity to teach this class, I have experienced God in a different way, especially when it comes to dying to self. I am really grateful to my God for this class.      

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in supporting us financially and in praying for us. We have seen the hand of God through your partnership with us.

In His Care,

The Chimbila Family


1. Pray for our health

2. Wisdom from God

3. That our children may not depart from God all the days of their lives

4. Ministry opportunities

5. We may walk in the fear of God


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