McCracken, Samuel (Spring 2013)

McCracken Staff Newsletter

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters:

Sometimes God interrupts our schedule so we will reach out to others. I was walking down the hall from my friends’ apartment on my way to church when a young man, Mike, approached me and started asking me questions about my faith and the difference between Christianity and another religion. He had heard from my friend, Anthony, that I was a missionary. We talked for a bit and then I was on my way to church.  Since he lives very near to Anthony, we have met different times and discussed religious things and he has gone to church with me on different occasions and we are becoming friends. God has been using me to witness to him and he is drawing closer to God because of it and is eager to attend church with me whenever I invite him. Praise the Lord for using us weak vessels for His glory. Taking the time to reach out to others around us is important and we never know just how much of a difference it can make in other people’s lives.

McCracken 2013

Me and my beautiful bride-to-be!

Redika and I are still planning to get married just as soon as it is financially possible. We currently have $2,235 toward our wedding, airfare and future plans and are still trying to raise $3,765 of $6,000. We have set a date of December 15th, 2013, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Culturally, it is very important for her to be married in her country. After this, we will be applying for the visa for her to come to the US which should take six to eight months. She has finished her three-year commitment in serving in Malawi, Africa, and is currently happily serving Teen Missions in Indonesia doing promotions. We hope to visit San Diego in late 2014. I should be coming to visit friends, family and supporters in early September, 2013.

I am very appreciative of the people who have been faithfully supporting me with their prayers and finances. I know that it is a sacrifice and I am very grateful for each and every prayer and gift. They make a big difference in my ministry and help make it possible. I am currently in need of more monthly supporters and one-time gifts. No gift or monthly support amount is too small!  

Teen Missions has asked me to be a leader on the Preteen Navajo Indian team going to Arizona to witness to and serve the Navajo Indians. I have to raise $600 to go on this team. If 12 people gave $25 a month for two months, then it would be paid for!

Ministry here at the Teen Missions International Headquarters is going great! Our new Motorcycle Sunday School office

McCracken 2013

Laying out Big Top tents.

is finished. Many thanks to all the volunteers who worked very hard on it. Another container of clothes has been sent on its way to Africa that will benefit many needy kids there. We have been very busy getting ready for our summer Boot Camps. Our preparations for summer have been greatly helped by some work groups that have come to TMI to help us. Turbeville, Oak Hill, and a large group of sorority girls from UCF are some of the groups that have greatly helped us and we give them many thanks and our heartfelt gratitude!  

Recently we accomplished a major project at TMI in Florida. We needed to replace a culvert that had caved in and it became necessary for us to put in 90 feet of culverts. We did so and also needed to put in a large driveway over the top of it! God helped us to accomplish this big job and I was blessed to have helped with it.

McCracken 2013

Getting the “Blob” out with Oak Hill.

God has been teaching me just how much I need Him and how He desires to have that sweet fellowship with me all the time! Someone once said, “Feel far away from God? Guess who moved!”  He has reminded me just how awesome and wonderful He is and how I need to be memorizing His Word daily. “Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. That you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:1-2

Thank you again for all who have prayed and supported me financially. Your prayers and gifts make a big difference in my ministry. May the Lord richly reward you for your investment in His Kingdom.

Prayer requests:

– For the $3,765 still needed for our wedding, airfare,

and visas

–  For more monthly supporters and one-time gifts

– For victory in spiritual warfare

– For good time management


Praise reports:

– For my continued great health

– For the Lord counting my worthy to serve Him as

a missionary

– For the Lord’s faithfulness in providing for my needs

McCracken 2013

Preparing for Boot Camp


Anticipating His return,

Samuel McCracken

[email protected]

(321)458-5276 cell


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