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Evans Staff Newsletter

Hey Everyone,

Evans 2013
New mailing room machines

It’s about a month and half until Boot Camp begins. The Big Top tents are up and the Obstacle Course will be going up soon. Finances and paperwork are coming in for the teens who are on teams. It’s beginning to look a lot like Boot Camp around here.  Due to financial issues, I will not be leading a team this summer, but will be a part of the “summer staff”.  Even though I am home there is plenty to do as we answer the phones 24 hours a day, cleanup after the Boot Camps, maintain the office and property and run the Debriefs.

Recently, I mailed a letter out to inform those praying for me about my low support. I am asking for you to pray that I will gain more financial and prayer partners. I  want to take the time to say thank you to all those who have supported me in the past and those who support me now. I couldn’t do this without you, So thank you very much. It is a privilege to serve the Lord.

The Finance and the Mailroom Department got a new makeover. Instead of all being in one office, we now occupy three offices. All the machines that I work on are now in one room. The mailroom just recently got a new tab machine which puts the adhesive tabs on newsletters, the brochure and other mailings that we send out. It is much larger than our old one, but I’m excited to use it for the first time this month on the newsletters going out.

I also wanted to share with you some stories from a couple of our overseas bases. I wanted you to get a glimpse of what else goes on in the ministry of Teen Missions!

Stories from Zambia:

Grace Chapel Christian Union Sunday School / Redeemer’s New Life Pavilion (Ntanga)

The Lord has been so incredibly good to us this month. We praise Him every day for the great things He has done for us. We don’t have to worry

Evans 2013
Ntanga Sunday School

about what happens tomorrow because Lamentations 3:21-23 tells us that His mercies are new and never ending. We praise the Lord because He has helped our good friend Alice, who is only 13 years old. Her mother is dead and her father was trying to force her into marriage. The young girl loves school, but her father told her she is wasting her time and that she had to get married. He said he didn’t have room for her at home. He had recently remarried, and the stepmother was against Alice living at home. So, one Sunday, Alice came to Sunday School. She was pretending to be sick. She was asking me about the laws in our area and said she didn’t want to get married, but wanted to finish high school. We told her to go to the Social Services. So she went there and explained her circumstances. They summoned the father to come and they said no to the marriage and charged him and they took the girl back to school. They are now paying the school fees for her and she praises the Lord for what He has done for her. We cannot express how greatly thankful we are for your contributions. It has been very exciting to see the glory of the Lord work in the lives of the people. May the Lord bless you and all that you do.”

Great Hope Sunday School / Bethel Pavilion (Kalobwe)

Evans 2013
Kalobwe Sunday School

We were so blessed to see the Lord do mighty things in the lives of the people. There is a woman here who will never stop thanking God for the things that He has done for her. Her husband died when she was five months pregnant. He was shot by an unknown person while he was driving one night. After his death, she became hopeless. She was in a very confused state. She said that the day she wanted to hang herself was the same day of Sunday school. She said that she knew everyone would be at Sunday School. But as she went out into the jungle to hang herself, she kept hearing this noise (which was the singing of the children), so she tried to go farther away. But the singing just kept getting louder and louder no matter where she went. So she gave up. The kids were in a pavilion singing, but she thought that they were coming near. That very day, after Sunday school, we went to visit her and encouraged her, not knowing what she had planned for that day. After she delivered her baby, she came to Sunday school and shared her testimony that the “little angels” had saved her life. She also thanked the ministry for teaching Christians how to give to the poor and for the prayers and encouragement. Thank you for all your prayers and sacrifice. Continue to pray for guidance and protection from God, and that He will continue His work here.

Thank you for those of you who pray and support me so that I can be a part of this growing ministry.  

Evans 2013
Big Top 1 going up.

Prayer Requests:

1. Finances

2. Health

3. For the summer—for all the team members and leaders that

will be here this summer.

In His Service,

Amanda Evans

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