Maher, Tom & Linda (Spring 2013)

Maher Staff Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings and God bless you! I am sure many of you are about ready for winter to be finished and spring to arrive. Spring here is preparation for the summer ministry ahead and ready or not, here it comes. We are so grateful for the large group of winter volunteers who helped with multiple projects. We have a new team pack-out area, an improved driveway into the property and the renovation of new offices for Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM). Volunteers also made 500 puppets, repaired all the curtains for our three Tabernacles and did various other maintenance jobs here—what a blessing! We put the Big Top Tents up the first week of April and from now until Boot Camp begins in June, we will take one day a week to work outside so that everything is ready when the teens arrive. Beginning April 20, we will also participate in 1000 hours of prayer 24/7 until Boot Camp begins.

Big Top 2013TOM

Tom has been busy with all the issues that arise when you work with computers. He is helping two departments right now with improvements on their databases. He was so encouraged by the recent visit of long-time friend and supporter, Larry Aughenbaugh. Tom and Larry have known each other since 1977 so it was fun to hear all the stories of their youthful adventures. Due to some personnel changes, Tom is now leading the teen team to Cameroon this summer. It is a foot washing team that will provide orphans with new socks and shoes. I am sure the team will be a blessing to everyone they encounter and our staff need the encouragement and support of Papa Tom. He will be Mr O.C. (Obstacle Course) as always, taking care of the computers and helping in video during the Boot Camps.


I guess BUSY would best describe our office these last few weeks and describe the summer for me as well. Moving the MSSM staff into a different office, having the Circuit Rider Band arrive and begin practice, facilitating adult teams and the day-to-day office work has kept me going. You may have noticed that I said Tom, was leading a team to Cameroon. I will not be going with him. Before we began having to move personnel around, I had a confirmed ticket to Indonesia and Cambodia for August 4-25. I will be traveling with our Director to Indonesia to attend the Bible school graduation and some meetings and then on to the island of Borneo to do training for MSSM. We will then fly to Cambodia to train them in MSSM and visit our two bases. Tom and I do prefer to serve together in all that we do, but at times the Lord has us going in different directions. We covet your prayers for the time we are apart, and that we will allow God to have the glory in all we do. During Boot Camp I will teach outdoor cooking, facilitate special outdoor meals for the entire camp, teach various classes and coordinate the Preteen Program. After Tom’s team leaves, I will work alongside the other summer staff doing various jobs for four weeks until I fly. Tom and I should be arriving back in the States within a week of each other.


Maher 2013Daniel is doing well at his job and has recently signed up for community college. He plans to take the next two years to get an AA degree in criminal justice. Zach is working and is signed up for a medical course in the fall. Kalah has been teaching a 4th grade class at an area school and has loved it. Please pray specifically with us that she will secure another position in the fall. Our area is closing three schools, so the jobs will be competitive. She is planning to work at the mall for the summer. Tom, Deena and Elsie spent a week with us in April and what a blessing it was. It was special for us to all be together!! It was Zach’s first time to meet Elsie and he quickly fell in love. I enjoyed cooking special treats that are Tom’s favorites and was blessed by the fellowship the kids have with one another. Being grandparents is such a blessing, it really is amazing how someone so small can hold such a big place in your heart.


Thank you to all of you who faithfully sponsor and pray for us. We could not do this without our amazing ministry partners. We look forward to sharing with you all the wonderful things the Lord will do this summer.

God bless you.

Because He Lives,

Tom and Linda


1. God’s goodness and faithfulness toward us each day.

2. The joy of having friends and family visit.

3. Health and strength to serve.


1. Pray for Zach and Daniel as they work and attend school.

2. Pray Kalah will secure a teaching position in the fall.

3. Pray for Tom and his team to be a blessing, remain safe

and have good health.

4. Pray for Linda as she travels to Asia. Pray for safety, good

health and for her to be a blessing.

5. Consistent financial and prayer support.


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