Vanderpool, Kathy (Spring 2013)

Vanderpool Staff Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

It is time for Boot Camp once again. We have been busy getting things in place to run the

Vanderpool 2013
Mustard Seed Big Top

summer programs. Peanut, Mustard Seed, Visitors, Early, Super and Layout Tents are all up. In addition, we have tents set up for Peanuts and Mustard Seeds for them to put sleeping tents under. So that makes a total of nine tents up right now.

Sunday we started our 1000 hours of prayer. Each staff member and student takes one hour and we pray 24 hours a day. This is also the equivalent of 42 days, the final day we pray will be the day the leaders arrive for Boot Camp. We pray for each team member and leader going on a team this summer, as well as all the bases and BMWs around the world. We pray for all the Rescue and Matron Units, then onto the 120 Motorcycle Sunday Schools operating. We have seven specific requests that we pray for hourly and then what we call urgent requests. The hour goes quickly and what a privilege to be a part of the preparations for the weeks ahead.

There are many things to get ready.  There are 38 Boot Camps that will operate this year in 23 countries where  lives will be changed. There are bags to be packed full of Overseas Boot Camp materials, T-shirts, memory verses, literature for teaching, batteries, balloons, evaluations, name tags and other needed items.

We have two Foot Washing teams this year that will need socks, shoes, meds, gloves and a soccer ball packed.

June is our biggest wire month and there is much to do to prepare the budgets for each country. Our director meets with each country getting updates first hand from each coordinator about the country they are working in.

Vanderpool, K
Mustard Seed “ponies”.

Then it will be time for Mustards Seeds to ride in. This year it’s a cowboy theme. Dad has built a corral for us with a hitching post to keep our stick ponies safe. He also constructed a fireplace to sit around for story time. We will learn the Wordless book colors so that we can more effectively share the plan of salvation, have some crafts, play some games, run the Obstacle Course, have snacks, and enjoy the big finish of the day with our evening rally where we listen to a missionary share about their country and learn how we can pray for them. These are great times to invest in the lives of 4 to 6 year olds.

When Mustards Seeds is over it will be time to join my teen team. We will be going to Southern Sudan and helping build a classroom for a school. So far there are about 24 on the team.

When the summer is over I will remain in Africa visiting our bases. From Sudan, I will go to Uganda, then to Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and Madagascar. It is such a wonderful opportunity to go visit the bases and see first-hand all the ministry that each base is involved with.  I will then return back to the States the end of September.

Thank you for your continued support through prayer and finances that enables me to serve the Lord here with Teen Missions. I am truly blessed.

In Christ,

Kathy Vanderpool

Prayer Requests

1. Getting all the projects completed

2. Mustard Seed program

3. Sudan Teen Team – travel, safety, good health, God to

speak to the hearts of the team members and leaders

4. The month and a half that I will spend visiting the

bases. That I could be a blessing and learn lots from them.

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