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The 2014 China -Asia Missions Trip for Teens

“Nǐ hǎo”—“Hello” in Chinese, is a greeting that you will use daily as you minister to children and young people in the fascinating country of China. Following Boot Camp, you will fly from Orlando to Frankfurt, Germany before continuing on to Beijing, the bustling capital of China. You will travel 12 hours by bus to your project site in the Shanxi province. Your ministry will be multi-faceted as you help a camp ministry run week-long camps by teaching English, being a counselor, helping with recreational activities and all other camp related jobs. Let your walk do the talking as you use “friendship evangelism” to witness to the many campers that will attend. After hearing you sing Christian songs, observing you having personal devotions and listening in on your team Bible studies, campers will surely have questions which gives you the perfect opportunity to share with them about Jesus. Housing will be in air-conditioned dorms, with showers available. One weekend, you will travel by bus to Xian, where you will see the world-famous Terracotta Warriors which are a collection of life-size statues depicting the armies of the first Emperor of China. There are many shops where you may practice your bartering skills while buying souvenirs such as T-shirts, swords, fans and Chinese tea. Following your project time, you return to Beijing where you will have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square as well as do some shopping in Beijing’s night markets.

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Project Expense: $4890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. How many slots are still available for this mission? Factoring in the the time it takes to get passports and raise money, when is the latest time that you can register?

    • Laurel, There are only a couple of spots left for girls. You need to register quickly. You can get your passport and raise the money after you register.

  2. I would really like to go on a trip with you guys, but I have some dietary restrictions. Can Teen Missions work with me?

  3. When you went to China before, did you have kids on your team who had asthma? If so, did you notice that their symptoms were worse due to the polluted environment they were in? My daughter is signed up for this team and I’m wondering if the pollution will trigger asthma attacks.

    • Heidi, We had kids with asthma, but it was not a problem when we were in China. The team is located in a smaller town. Tiyuan City is about an hour away and it is much larger.

  4. How many spots are left for this team?Thsi trip sounds so cool!

  5. How many spots are left for the team?

  6. Are there leaders for this team yet?

  7. I looked up shanxi province on Wikipedia and it said that it was one of the most polluted provinces in china do I have the right province? And if so how do you plan on protecting the people that go on the trip from all the pollution?

    • Rachel, I have been there twice and LOVED it! Yes, it is polluted, but all of the urban areas of China are, especially Beijing. It was not a big problem when we were there.

  8. Is the $5290 the set price? Or are you guys still figuring that out?

    • Jayson, There is a “range” listed. Most of the time, it ends up being in that range, but sometimes it is a little more and sometimes a little less. We are waiting on the costs from the airlines before giving the final cost. That should happen next month.

  9. how many people are on the teem so far?

  10. Can you go on this trip if you are 12 or do you have to be 13? My son will turn 13 in December of 2014.

  11. How many spots are left on this team?

  12. Is there going to be any work projects at all, or is it all srictly EV? I’m an FTM and was on a work team when I last went, and was looking for one specifically that had way more EV.

    • Heather, There may be minor projects if there is an immediate need, but your main project is teaching English. However, it is illegal to evangelize in China, but there will be numerous opportunities for “friendship evangelism”.

  13. Hi, I was wondering about the registration. When you pay the registration fee does it guarantee your spot? Or does one have to pay in full to be guaranteed participation with the trip?

    • Linda, Once you are registered, we will email you and let you know what team you are on. Not everyone will get their first choice as teams are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The total amount is due by the day you arrive, but we have “goals” set on when a certain amount is due.

      • Thank you! And my mom was also wondering if there was any kind of payment insurance or refund guarantee if you get real sick and can’t fly or something.

        • Linda, If you get sick and cannot attend and if you have a dr’s note, we can usually get a refund from the airline and we will hold it over for one year only minus an administration fee.

          • My mom wishes to talk to you (or whoever she needs to) about this tip before I start raising money for it. She ants the answers to some specific questions and wants to talk to a real person. please email me your phone number, or I will email you her phone number. My email is [email protected]. Thanks.

          • Linds, Just have her call the office tomorrow and ask for US/Canada Teams Dept. I have been there twice, so I should be able to answer any questions! 321-453-0350

  14. Hi, I’d like some clarification on the first-come-first -serve basis. Does that mean the quicker you register the better chance you have of making the trip, or paying in full first?

    • Linda, First-come, first-serve applies to who applies first. At this point, we don’t worry about the money. But we want to get the information out to you so that you can raise the support.

  15. You say that the Project Cost is between $4800 and $5300. Is that cost per person or as a group?
    If the cost is by group how much is required per person?

  16. Do you have to be in good physical shape? My friend was wondering.

  17. How long does boot camp last?

  18. Can I bring Ps vita for taking pictures

  19. I would really like to go on a mission trip. I’m 15 right now. But my mom doesn’t want me to go on one alone. Could she also come on the trip? And if so would we have to pay for both of us?

  20. If your turning 13 a few days after boot camp starts can you go on the trips for 13 and up?

  21. Anya Hockenberry

    When I went to visit my cousin Selina @ boot camp last year, I felt a need to go on a missions trip. I was glancing @ the finances today (not very important) and there was a great difference between the price. What makes the difference on $4,890 or $5,290? How much would it cost for a 13 year old?

    • Anya, We will not know the final price until we get the quotes from the airlines in October. The price will probably be somewhere in the range listed for all team members, no matter what age.

  22. Heather Kennedy


    Are guitars allowed on this trip?

    How long does mail take to arrive?

    What are the ages of the Chinese children attending the camp?

    • Heather, Yes, guitars are allowed. It takes about two weeks for mail. They are younger (grade school age) up to young adults.

  23. My friend Wesley went on the Zambia trip this year. I feel like God has given me a heart for China, and I am praying about maybe making this trip. Is Chinese experience recommended for this trip?

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