Hola From Honduras At Boot Camp!

13003 Hondurasi Hola! Today marks day six of Boot Camp and the team is doing fantastic (except they got the Pig Award for messiest tent site last night :)). All 24 team members are really gelling well together. Aside from a few blisters and mosquito bites, the team is healthy. A typical day starts with waking up at 5:30 AM and running the Obstacle Course (OC). Following the OC, is breakfast and then personal devotions. Each team member is enjoying spending this personal time with the Lord. Next on the schedule is Bible hour where the team gets to hear from different speakers on practical subjects such as maturity, evangelism and attitudes. The rest of the day consists of various classes such as construction, music, drama, brainstorming, puppets and phonics. After dinner the team spends some free time playing games and writing letters. Rally begins at 7:15 PM and we all meet under the Big Top Tent (you can watch the rallies online!). The rallies include cheers, praise and worship, and speakers who preach the Word of God. It is the high point of our days. We really appreciate your prayers! God bless!


Grant – “Well, Boot Camp is way better than I thought it would be! Team Honduras is by far, the best team here. Everyone has been working together really well and we are all getting along. Boot Camp is the most effective way to bring people together when we are totally different. By the time Boot Camp is over, everyone will be best friends.”


Kaylee – “When I came here, I had a very difficult time at first. I was homesick and miserable. Then on the second day of Boot Camp, I spent my entire devotion time praying and asking God to give me His strength, to comfort me, help me focus on the good and that He has called me to be here. Instantly, I felt comforted. Now I still miss home, but I am also enjoying Boot Camp and getting to know my teammates and I am learning to lean on God’s strength when things get hard or I start to think negative thoughts.


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