Italy At Boot Camp

13005 ItalyI (leader) am very impressed with our team so far and how much they have improved. The first few days were tough as the team adjusted to the weather, tents, bucket baths, blisters and running the Obstacle Course. It has been so encouraging to watch the team grow and work together. They are hard workers, and not only an encouragement to one another, but also to others experiencing Boot Camp. We love watching how they make each other smile. Homesickness and blisters have not stopped the joy they share. They are enjoying their classes in puppets, phonics and music. They have learned some Italian phrases and songs and they are excited to present these when they are in Italy. We cannot wait to see what a blessing this team is going to be in Italy!


Shalen – “Upon arrival at the Lord’s Boot Camp, I didn’t know what to expect. It involves a lot of running here and there, but it is not unbearable. Through my time here, God has been teaching me the importance of joy and that real joy can only come from Him. It has also been a time of checking my heart and reading through the Psalms will get you thinking about your heart. God is good and He will take care of you if you let Him. Teen Missions is a great organization. I am learning to just have patience and trust the Lord.


Jenna – “My entire life was filled with church—whether it was drama, puppets or teaching. However, I never truly believed in God because it was always a ‘need to do”‘ When I came to Boot Camp this summer, I was NOT prepared physically or emotionally. It was EXTREMELY hard and all I wanted to do was collapse and go home. But then God was pulling on my heart and He gave me the verse, ‘I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength.’ After repeating that whenever I was hurting, I began to fill it. And then I restated my belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ. And I felt like I REALLY could do anything.”



  1. Italy Facebook page is TMI Italy 2013. Come join parents and supporters!

  2. Facebook page for Itally is TMI Italy 2013. All parents and supporters are welcome to join to page!

  3. I love this post and am so glad I found it today! I am beyond excited for this team and I love that my daughter has a personal note to add. This is a huge encouragement to me as a parent. I have always thought I could let my children go to serve the Lord but I am not sure that I really believed that in my heart until now. That first few days were the hardest for me as I did not anticipate such an emotional reaction or intense sense of loss. As much as I see in my daughter’s words how she is focused on what will truly gives us strength, I am equally encouraged as the Lord revealed that same verse to me in our quiet time together! God is so good!

  4. So encouraged by this post! Love the team work, attitudes and just how this team is growing-spiritually and physically!! Praying for each of you daily-ciao

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