Malawi at Boot Camp

13007 Malawi

Our days begin early around here—5:30 AM. We rise before the sun and we move about as often as the shadow on a sundial. There is always somewhere to be and something to do! We run the Obstacle Course (OC) and eat breakfast quickly before sitting down for 30 minutes of personal devotions. Then it is off to classes, classes and more classes!

Since our field project is mainly construction, we attend two construction classes daily. Our team can lay some mean bricks! In block laying, which is our one class that never changes, we are working up to  more complicated structures. Day one was instruction on maintaining the mortar along with basic skills. Yesterday, day 3, we were laying whole rows. Our team works well together, has a good attitude for learning and goes about these classes in high spirits. Our other construction class is always changing. So far, we have learned how to tie steel, build trusses and make a layout.

Equally important, is our phonics class. This is where we learn how to teach English in an engaging and simple way. This class is particularly important because the tribe we are going to be ministering to in Malawi, the Tumbuka tribe, highly value education. They want to learn and we want to be ready to teach them!

The weather has been very “un-Boot Camp like”. The days have mostly been sunny and the nights have been cool. We have even crawled into our sleeping bags once or twice!

Thank you for your prayers!

Sierra Avila – “Although Boot Camp has brought me to tears. I am hopeful, that with God’s help, I will live! I’m so excited for the work we will be doing in Malawi and that we will be able to serve the Lord in such an amazing way!”

Tonie Jo Schankweiler – “I haven’t been at Boot Camp long, but I’ve been here long enough to know that it requires endurance and a lot of prayer. Although the tasks seem impossible, I know that we will make it. I daily remind myself that Boot Camp’s purpose is to strengthen the teams that will will be sharing the Gospel of Christ. I simply can not wait to see how God works in Malawi. I certainly hope to witness and touch lives, but I have a feeling that the people of Malawi will forever touch my life.”



  1. Sounds like a great time! I love you!

  2. Sierra, Stay positive. You are doing great things. Auntie Michelle and I are SO PROUD of you. I know it is hard but you can do anything! We are praying for you, may God grant you comfort and strength. Love you!!!! Uncle Dave

  3. Sandee Jo schankweiler

    Loved getting this update! Sounds like such an experience!!

  4. Heidi Leatherland

    Thanks for the update! We are praying!

  5. Terri Myskowski

    Thank you for the update. I’m sure this is so hard, but you can do it!!! Stay focused, keep praying and run the race…you will be blessed. Special prayers for the Malawi team with love.

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