Scotland In Boot Camp

13004 Scotland

Greetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp! We are now in our first full week of Boot Camp and from my perspective, it is off to a great start. We started with some very impressionable rain which left our campsite very wet. With a little teamwork and the use of some wheelbarrows of dirt, we managed to get it filled in and drier.

The first few days have been nice with sun during the day and clear, cooler nights to keep our spirits refreshed. So far, it appears that our whole team is working well together and all have positive, mature attitudes! Praise the Lord!

Our team has been very diligent in helping each other keep ourselves and our tent site clean which has resulted in our team winning the “clean” award and thus, pool time, four days in a row. This is a great comeback from the first day when we received the “Pig” award (dirtiest tent site). Our team has been spending our class time learning puppetry and music. We even have most of our team’s musical presentation complete and sounding great. In addition, they have been learning basic construction practices such as block laying, steel-tying and carpentry.

Night rallies have also been amazingly electric with great speakers and music. We have had three team members go forward to rededicate themselves to the calling of Christ. With nine days left until Commissioning, we all remain excited for our trip to Scotland!

Aaron Beals – “The last five days have been great! Our team won the “Clean” award three days in a row! God has blessed me with a fantastic, positive team that loves God!”

Kimi Barton – “Boot Camp. Sounds hard, right? Well, it was the first two days, but thanks to God, we have all gotten better! The Obstacle Course is always tough and the bugs – UGH! But thank God for FOOD! The kitchen staff are amazing! I would not have made it without them and my team!”




  1. Meghann Wandrocke

    Thanks so much for the report. Praying for all the teams.

  2. Way to go team Scotland! Glad to hear of the great team work and attitudes! Will continue to pray for each of you on this amazing journey!!

  3. What a great report! Sounds like God is answering prayer already with the team and Boot Camp! Keep up the great attitude and know that you are being lifted up daily in prayer!!

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