Vanuatu Is Becoming A Team At Boot Camp

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The Vanuatu team all arrived safely at Boot Camp, with a total of 15 team members (five guys and 10 girls) and three leaders. On the very first day, we won the “clean” award and were able to swim in the pool the next day. Two days later, we won the pool again because of the “brainstorming” award. Brainstorming is a time when each team is given a topic and they are to come up with ideas to go with the topic. The best idea wins the award. Our idea was for a drama that could be used in team presentations. The team is confident that we can win the pool again and we are working hard towards that goal!

The team is bonding very well and showing excellent teamwork as evidenced by the many selfless acts of service towards one another. They all have great attitudes and are enthusiastic about what they are learning in their classes.

Every morning we run the 25-minute Obstacle Course where all that teamwork pays off. Korie was very frightened about going over the 12-foot wall, but with help and encouragement from the team, she made it! The whole team was proud of her! Becky “took one for the team” when she jumped for the rope at the “Slough of Despond” (so you can throw it back to the others and they wouldn’t have to jump for it) and missed. She was drenched from head to toe, but came out smiling! Ethan was the front flag and HAD to jump for a rope. He was confident he would make it. Now he cheerfully shares his testimony about how God had to teach him a lesson about pride. It is so amazing to see God working in the lives of these willing young servants.

Everyone seems to have adjusted well to Boot Camp already and they also seem to be enjoying it—not just waiting for it to be over!

We thank everyone for your prayers—you must be praying a lot because we can feel it!

Rebecca – “I do not usually enjoy being prayed over. It makes me feel as if I am failing. But this year, one of my teammates and closest friends kept saying, ‘I am praying for you.’ At first, I shrugged it off, but recently I started to feel the effect of a faithful God. I have NEVER been athletic, especially with the Obstacle Course. But the faithful prayers of my teammate and the endless grace of God will power me through even the Slough!”

Sarah M. -“Boot Camp is going by very quickly! It is certainly different than last year, but that isn’t a bad thing. It is so much easier because I know to get through it, I have to put my trust in the Lord. For some reason, it is easier to think of the team and not of myself. I am really enjoying this Boot Camp so far!”

Ashley – “This first week at Boot Camp has been a blast! Of course, it has been a little rough, but I didn’t expect it to be much different. My team this year is fantastic! We have come together and have so much support for one another. There is always so much joy and laughter coming from us where we are. Overall, it feels like Boot Camp is easier and going by quicker than last year. I have already seen God working in many of my teammates, including myself, and I love it so much! I am definitely looking forward to this next week at the Lord’s Boot Camp as well as our time in Vanuatu.”



  1. Friend of Noel Dobbs and fellow church member, we are so proud of you Noel, and your accomplishments – the photos we have seen posted are awesome and it looks as if you are where you are supposed to be. May the Lord continue to work in your life so that you may be an instrument to HIM and the work in Vanuatu be successful in every way! Great job on winning the pool time… you are an awesome person and those whose lives you touch will be blessed. GO VANUATU!

  2. great to hear from you! Praise God that you are forming great bonds- praying that God will use you in a mighty way- and way to go Becky!!! Maryann Gold

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