Zambia Is Making Joyful Noises At Boot Camp!

13010 ZambiaOne of the teams’ favorite classes is Music class. During this time, we are able to make a joyful noise together in preparation for the presentations we will give while visiting churches in Zambia. Claire is our “music director” and is doing a great job in leading the team in various praise songs. Ayla and Wesley are accompanying us with their guitars and blessing us with their tools of harmony and music. The team is sounding better and better with the progression of practices. The anticipation of singing songs like “Love Is A Flag Flown From” with the African children grows more and more.

Puppet class is another favorite. Joy is especially good at “becoming her character” with her puppet and she does a great job. Ethan and Wesley are always very expressive with their puppets which add much entertainment.

The Obstacle Course (OC) is one of the more challenging tasks. Even with blisters, Cambrie, Devon and Fiona have pushed themselves and have been troopers until the very end of the OC. They are all learning to work together as a team.

They enjoy one another’s company and are bonding quickly as a team. Andy is the quiet leader. Judah is a hard and willing worker. Cambrie has graced our team with contagious laughter and joy.

We have a wonderful bunch of kids with great attitudes!

Andrew – “The Lord has been moving my heart in many ways. Some of these are: humility, His love for me, and His showing of grace to me. God has been teaching me humility because I am prideful. I am a ‘know-it-all’ and I sometimes think I am better than everyone else. I believe God sent me here to take my things away and to take me away and replace me with Jesus. God has shown His love for me by providing a way out of frustrating or difficult situations. An example is that on the first day of Boot Camp, I forgot my name tag which I had left in my tent. God showed me His love by not allowing that to be noticed until I could retrieve it. God has shown an enormous amount of grace towards me. Since I got in the car at the airport, He has allowed me to remember things I need or things I want and without Him I would have so many SBs, but He has blessed me and kept me and He has loved me beyond my wildest dreams.”

Julie – “When I arrived at the Lord’s Boot Camp, I held a conceited mindset. I knew Boot Camp would present its challenges. I had heard the stories, but in my mind I was prepared to succeed with ease. I was ready to rely on my own gifts and strengths. But within 24 hours upon arrival, I quickly discovered that I was struggling. Following leaders and instructions closely, waking up early, getting ready and being on time are all things I am not good at, or used to. But also within the first 24 hours, God showed me His greatness. I accepted Christ into my heart many years ago, but God was definitely doing more work on my heart. He was showing me that I needed to rely on Him, His Word, and to do so through prayer and praise. In one of our classes in the first few days, we were reminded of Philippians 4:6. This verse tells me that a heart guarded by peace is the reward for placing trust in God and not be ing anxious. I was also affected by reading Galatians 1:10 in my morning devotions where Paul explains that if He were only seeking the approval of man, He would not be able to spread the Gospel. In these ways, Christ was teaching me that I needed to die to myself, trust God and rely on Him to get through and even enjoy Boot Camp! I am so grateful for this fun, yet challenging and humbling experience and for my awesome Zambia Bridge Team and leaders. But I am mostly thankful for the ways God has been changing my heart and breaking down my pride.



  1. Love hearing how God is working in each of your lives. It’s amazing what God can do in and through us when we have to totally rely on Him.

  2. Caroline Peterson

    Claire Devereaux, So good to hear you are the music leader–you will do a great job. We are thinking about you daily
    and praying for you. Love, Caroline & Ralph

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